Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Crochet Ta Dah!!!

I was supposed to post this at the weekend but better late than never eh!!!
I've finished my first crochet blanket, I used the ripple pattern from over at Attic 24. This is my first completed crochet project and I finally finished it on Saturday night whilst watching Big Brother, I then left it on the sofa for Jack to snuggle under whilst watching Wales play Fiji at 6am!!
It was obviously a good omen as Wales triumphed with a big win!!!
I used some Bonus Dk as this was my first project and I wasn't sure how it would turn out. I am a project hopper so I didn't want lots of expensive wool sitting in bag for years (I would never do that!!!). The wool was lovely to crochet with and is surprisingly soft, so now it's onto the next project a blanket for Rachel - more ripple or a granny ripple I can't quite decide?? but I do have the wool already.....
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  1. Ohhh. Was it incredibly hard. I can se some christmas projects. . .

  2. That is fab blanket. I really must learn to crochet properly so I can use my basket of lovely wool up.
    Emma x

  3. Never done crochet. Looks very hard to me, but you blanket looks fab!

  4. It looks great, it reminds me of Christmas as well with those colours xxx

  5. Great patriotic colours! Your new yarn looks lovely :-)

  6. Well done! Looks great and has added boy appeal in the colour choices too.


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