Thursday, 18 October 2012

Autumn Swap goodies

Hi everyone, I've been hiding again but am trying to get back in to regular blogging and there is no better time to blog than when you have just received a gorgeous load of goodies through the post.
I signed up for the cosy autumn swap over at blueberry heart and was partnered with Helen from Moonstruckcreations, we emailed each other a few times to find out likes and dislikes and this is what Helen sent me through the post.....

lots of lovely packages wrapped up with orange and black tissue paper

a wonderful striped ball of wall, I have my thinking cap on as to what I want to make with this.

a super cute owl pouch, which I have had to hide from my daughter!

orange and brown ribbons

 a lovely autumnal hanging heart, I love the idea of the embellished leaves

some scrumptious chocolate which were delicious :) but which I had to share :(

I love the scent of this soap (honey and oatmeal) and the wrapper is brilliant too, I might just have to keep the wrapper for crafting I'm sure I can use it somehow

another cute autumnal gift in the way of this pumpkin, I have added this and the hanging heart to my autumnal window display.

Like lots of you I love collecting threads, ribbons and buttons so I was thrilled to receive these variegated embroidery threads

some sumptuous satin ribbons 

and lots of lovely buttons, which are going to make a great addition to my ever growing collection.

here are all my goodies from Helen photographed together

thanks Helen for being such a great swap partner.

Now I know Helen has already blogged about the goodies I sent so I can show them here too.

I went with a pumpkin theme as Helen mentioned she liked to collect pumpkins.

a fabric pumpkin

a crochet wreath with pumpkins and leaves

pumpkin chocolate treats and a hot chocolate sachet

an autumnal scented candle

a pumpkin coloured crochet flower brooch

a box of tissues

and finally some pumpkin fabric and autumn ribbon

I also managed to find a super pumpkin card in the charity shop card box but i forgot to take a photo of it but you can see it over at Helen's blog


  1. Great swap gifts sweetie, I have swapped before with Helen and they were great! enjoy them :)

    Bee happy x

  2. Dear Tracy
    Fantastic blog swap gifts! My blog swap was really successful too and I hope it will be a regular thing - it was great fun to be involved.
    Best wishes

  3. Wow, such great swap pressies!! How nice to receive something good in the post!!

  4. Hello! What lovely gifts you received, the heart is brilliant!
    The gifts you made are amaaaaaaaaaazing- that wreath is utter genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a lovely swap all in all!

  5. Great swap -I haven't done one for sooo long, I really must hunt one down. I'm sure there must be something festive happening!

  6. Hi Tracy, and thanks so much again for being such a great swap partner! You have well and truly spoiled me.

    Have a fabulous weekend!



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