Friday, 28 June 2013

Pay It Forward - better late than never!

Back in April last year I posted about a pay it forward, I had a year in which to make a gift for three lucky readers of my blog. I fairly quickly made an apron for Claire and then ummed and arhhed over what to make Jille. I just couldn't find quite the right project or fabric so like most of these things it got put on the back burner with me every so often stalking Jille's Pinterest page and blog! Then suddenly at the beginning of the month after seeing Jille's doll pins I decided to make a Tilda doll and dress her in traditional welsh clothes to make it personal to Jille.

I've never made a Tilda doll before and have sometimes been put off anything too fiddly but I have to say I can completely understand how addictive these dolls are. She isn't perfect as a first attempt but never am I!
They have a way of taking on a personality all of their own especially if the evolve like my doll did.

I made the doll itself using the pattern from a Tone Finnegar book but made up the patterns for the clothes and accessories as I went along. And here she is

I'm pleased to say that Jille loves her as much as I loved making her which is the icing on the cake as far as I'm concerned.
I've just realised the photo above is before I stitched her a mouth so here she is mouth and all.

I have one for pay it forward gift to make - for Callie - so if you're reading this Callie would you leave a comment so I can contact you as I can't find your address!
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  1. What a lovely result, the owner should be very pleased, you did a perfect job I think!

  2. I am thrilled with my personalised gift! I have named her Myfanwy and she came into work with me this week. She felt quite at home there as everyone loved her. Thank you so very, very much for both your kindness and thoughtfulness. Jille xx


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