Saturday, 26 October 2013

International Dishcloth Swap

A little while ago I signed up to an International dishcloth Swap organised by Leonie over at Kiwi at Heart. The idea was to knit or crochet two cotton dishcloths and send them along with a few other goodies to your partner. This was a secret swap so the person you received from wouldn't be the person you sent too. 

Well, my parcel arrived a couple of days all the way from New Zealand and I was eager to open it and found out what goodies it contained.......
It turns out my swap partner was Leonie herself and she had imaginatively wrapped with pattern instructions (why have I never thought of that! I have lots of old patterns I could use)

 Inside were my two dishcloths. 
A pretty colourful one

And a bright red spotty one.

I have never used handmade cotton dishcloths before, these may be too pretty to use and I'm definitely not letting the kids anywhere near them.

 Leonie also included lots of other goodies.
This lovely soft and squidgy ball of grey wool.

A pretty zippered pouch containing some this cute buttons.

Three lollipops which I generously shared with the kids!

A hedgehog necklace (which Rachel has squirrelled away).

Two fat quarters of pretty fabrics.

A finally a handmade bar of almond milk & honey soap.

Here is a photo of all my wonderful goodies together, 

thank you Leonie for organising this swap and also for being a fantastic swap partner.

EDITED : I told you all this was a secret swap so secret in fact that I mixed up my swap partner!!! My swap partner was the lovely Leonie from Sunshine X 3. Sorry Leonie and thank you for being such a brilliant secret swap partner!!!


  1. I love swaps and am in 2 at the moment, a Secret Santa Stocking and a Monthly 12 1/2" block. it is great fun making things to fit your partners profile and sending them off. The bonus is that i get parcels with exotic stamps that go to the local school.

  2. Hi Tracy, so glad you liked all your goodies! And that it arrived safely :) Leonie from Kiwi at Heart and I (Leonie from Sunshinex3) regularly get mixed up :) although i'm sure Leonie @KAH sent a great parcel, I'm afraid I was your secret (or not so secret anymore!) partner :). Hope you're having a wonderful weekend :)

    1. Hi Leonie, I'm so sorry for the mix up, thank you for letting me know and thank "you" for being such a wonderful swap partner xx

  3. Oh how gorgeous! She's so clever!!! Love all the goodies and I REALLY LOVE the spotty dishcloth!


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