Saturday, 14 January 2017

Santa Sack Swap 2016 - Part 2

So I have shared with you all the wonderful gifts that I received from Mary in the Santa Sack Swap and this post is all about what I made and sent to her in return. 
After reading Mary's blog about her love of nativity sets I wanted some of her gifts to have that theme. I found a lovely nativity themed fabric on eBay which then sat in my sewing room whilst I decided what I would I make. Part of the swap is to make either a sack, a stocking  or a bag. As Christmas is a busy time for Mary I thought a bag might be more useful so I made a nice roomy tote, which Mary has told me fits perfectly on her mobility scooter so she is going to use it all year round. For some reason I didn't a photo of the bag but you can see it in the last picture showing all the gifts I made Mary. I still had a little bit of the nativity fabric left over so I decided to make a cushion.

I added a little sparkle to the cushion with some stars sequins, 

and used red beads to pick out the berries. 

I really liked the words on this fabric and used a red embroidery hoop from my stash to make a hanging ornament. 

I tend to get a bit carried away with themes and this swap was no different, so continuing with the nativity theme I used my Cricut cutting machine to make this nativity vinyl decal and popped it on this glass jar. 

I added a ceramic star tag to bring a little Joy. 

The next part of the swap had me stumped for a while, I know Mary likes to craft from the comfort of her armchair so I decided to make an armchair caddy and a project bag,

but what colour to make and what fabric to use? After a little more stalking on Mary's blog I managed to find out that dusky pink might just be okay. 

 Here are all the gifts that I made for Mary

This is a super swap to take part in so if you fancy joining in this year pop over to Cheryll's Santa Sack Swap blog for more details. 


  1. Lovely gifts that you both sent and received. I laughed at your story of the sugar mouse (candle), it's jyst what I'd have done! No risk of sharing either! x

  2. Those were lovely gifts! I'm sure they were appreciated!

  3. gorgeous gifts - I am always in awe of your talent and of others!


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