Thursday, 24 November 2011

Rugby World Cup Swap

I know that the Rugby World Cup has been and gone, that we all cheered on our respective teams and watched in awe as the host nation took the crown but I have a little reminder of the competition in the form of some lovely swap goodies.

During the competition Mousehouse asked if anyone from a participating country would like to take part in a rugby world cup swap, now coming from a rugby mad house we couldn't say no could we and I was partnered with Kimberley all the way from New Zealand. The idea was to send your swap family bits and bobs pertaining to your home country. We decided as we are half English and half Welsh that we would combine the two and we put together a package of English and welsh sweets, a handmade English and welsh cushion, some English and welsh card games, a letter from Jack to Kimberley's three boys and lots more. I completely forgot to take any photos of the bits we sent in my haste to get my parcel sent off as I was a bit behind but I didn't forget to photograph the parcel that Kimberley put together for us and here it is.
We all a share in the package with Jack claiming the All Blacks flag and key ring as well as one of the pens and pencils, Rachel nabbed the tea towel, the soap, a pen and pencil, Tomas was quite happy with the pencils and chocolate, Paul got the socks and I claimed the wool and the recipe book, we all enjoyed a bar of chocolate as you can see from the empty wrappers in the photograph.
Here's a closer look.

I thoroughly enjoyed this swap as it was lovely to receive a package from overseas. Kimberley sent me a lovely email saying how well our package had gone down especially my handmade cushion among her friends and family.
So it just leaves me to say thank you to Mousehouse for organising a brilliant world wide swap and to Kimberley and her family for being such great swapees!!!

P.s Kimberley has promised to email me some pics so i can show you what I sent!

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  1. oh its always me with the bad news, tracy, no photos again (although I'm wondering if its just me, as my browser is pretty old, can anyone else see them?), the swap sounds lovely xx


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