Thursday, 15 December 2011

Advent Swap Goodies Day 8 - 15

Christmas is now only 10 days away - how did that happen???
It's been another busy week here what with school productions, birthdays, coughs and colds but I thought I'd would just update you all with more of the wonderful goodies that I have received in my advent swap from Sue

Day 8 - I now know what to do with my stale bread and burnt toast with this ingenious bread bird feeder.

 Day 9 - another one of Sue's incredible creations a glass Christmas pudding -  I love this!!!

Day 10 - red and white paper chains - this should keep the kids busy!!!

Day 11 - a purple bejewelled mirror

Day 12 - a delicately stitched notebook

Day 13 & 14 - somehow I missed a day so had to open two what yummy surprises!!!

Day 15 - some extremely cute cross stitch button patterns and some buttons to cover...

I'm really enjoying seeing what everyone has been getting this year and have found some wonderful new blogs along the way and even some new crafting ideas for next year!!!


  1. Lovely goodies. I too am really enjoying the swap and seeing what we are all getting - it's making these cold dark December days much brighter! xx

  2. Just popped over from my little bubbly life! You have had some lovely swaps, wish I had known about it. Maybe next year!

  3. I wouldn't have been able to participate this year, for obvious reasons, but it looks such a lovely idea, I must really join in next year. Your gifts are lovely, what a great swap partner you have.
    Joy x x

  4. Lovely things - I adore that glass pudding!

  5. Have to agree with Country Girl, that glass pud is wonderful!! But I do have a special liking for the notebook.... : )

  6. yes lovely craft swap...ideas for next yr!!!


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