Thursday, 31 January 2013

Wanted Down Under!

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my Owliens today I decided to stick to a more inanimate object - the humble carrot. Paul and I were watching "wanted down under" this morning and this afternoon after finishing making some carrots Paul suggested that we should apply to go to new Zealand or Australia with me as the main applicant as there is possibly a shortage of carrot makers in these two countries. What do you think do we have a chance?

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  1. I have never heard of "wanted down under". A criminal show or...??? Ohakune is our carrot capital town here :) with a giant orange carrot in the town.(painted black for the All Blacks and Rugby World Cup.) but there most certainly is a shortage of these type of carrot makers in my part of NZ - I will happily sit next to you on my sewing machine and you can be my sewing tutor!!! Love these carrots! Maybe I should order a set - boys aren't really into Easter / Easter decorations ... Sadly!

  2. Oh I love those carrots Tracy, what a lovely idea. I can't upload photos to my blog with my iPad and I notice you use Blogpress. Is this how you manage to upload from your iPad? Haven't heard of it before.
    Patricia x

  3. Patricia - you can buy a little attachment thing that you put your memory card into and then put that into i - pad. It downloads the photos onto your i pad and then via Blogger you can download them from an app called i loader HD. Hope that makes sense! I hate my i pad and struggle with its limitations all the time !

  4. Oh I love these carrots I can just seem them in a bunnies hand opps sorry meant paw, as for getting into OZ or NZ, i'm only letting you out the country if you promise you will not stop blogging ;)

    Shirley x

  5. Pretty carrots - Maybe it could become a national symbol somewhere and you could be hired - wanted down under would snap you up!

  6. Tracy, how could you possibly consider going to a country where they celebrate Christmas in the middle of summer, on the beach, with barbecues?
    Joy xx

  7. Love your carrots and they/you would be most welcome here downunder.
    Anne xx

  8. Ha ha, I love your carrots, and what a great job being a carrot maker!


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