Sunday, 20 December 2009

Christmas Panto - he's behind you!!!!!!

Sorry I haven't posted lately but probably like the rest of you I have been extremely busy (not too busy to read other people's blogs but just too busy to write my own!!)

Well my busy world has finally stopped spinning as I have finished all my orders and my daughter who was performing in the local Am Dram Panto - Goldilocks and the Three Bears has had her final performance today, Rachel played Katy the Wasp and was fantastic,
the rest of the cast were pretty good too. I took lots of photos during each performance so have been busy picking out the best ones and putting together an album for all the cast and crew... It's tiring for us mums too as we act as chaperone's, man the kitchen during the interval and for me make emergency repairs to costumes.... the bees wings kept on flopping about!!!

You can find out all about the Danbury Players and see pictures of their performances on their facebook page.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009


A little white ago Clare from Expressorize was telling us about her son, who when he drops something says "Cactus Undies". So she put out a request on Misi and both myself and Amy from Artbymimi came up with these
Cactus Undies Cushion
by Artbymimi
Cactus Undies Plushie
by Madaboutbags
So if you need an extra special or unusual present then you know where to come there are lots of talented and creative Misians just waiting for your custom orders

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