Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Can You lend me £59.....

A little while ago on Misi Jean from Talking Beads wrote a forum post with the title " Can you lend me £59..." . This was because Jean had her eye on one of Little Scruffs teddies and was wondering how she could save up the money for 'Alfie'. Well at the same time I had my eye on this fabulous scarf from Vikki0908. which got us wondering how we could help each other raise the cash for our much need purchases and we came up with the idea of linking items from our shops to encourage buyers to purchase more than one item but also making them aware of the wonderful goodies that Misi has to offer. So this blog is all about linking together different handmade goodies that would compliment each other either as a gift for yourself or maybe as a present for that someone special....

So firstly we have

Pink Fairy Charm from Talking Beads and a Pink Fairy Glitter Mini Tote from Madaboutbags

Then there are all these super chocolate truffle gifts - some calorie free and some not!!

We have Chocolate themed cards from Jaqueline

a Chocolate fabric mini tote from Madaboutbags

Cheeky Cherry Truffles from the Chocolate truffle Company

and a Chocolate truffle bracelet from Lej Jewellery

Hopefully that has whetted your appetite as to some of the fabulous offerings available on Misi it's certainly whetted my appetite and I'm off in search of a choclate bar or three!!!!

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Twitter, Flickr, knickers in a twist!

I have finally taken the plunge and joined Twitter

you can see my tweets at

apparently it will be updated everytime I blog here so no double typing!!!

I've also joined Flickr and am starting the slow process of uploading my many bag photos onto my photostream if you would like to see some of my creations then please take a look

from what I can gather I will now get my knickers in a twist with all this tweeting, blogging, facebooking, uploading, forum chatting and general computing!!!!

ohh I almost forgot my facebook page

right I off for a lie down in a dark room - Goodnight X

GRRRRR!!! nearly did get my knickers in a twist with the twitter feed but think I'm there now!!!

Devon - we had a great time!!!

We had a great time in Devon albeit a little wet (well a lot wet on the Wednesday!!!), we stayed in a beautiful barn conversion not far from Clovelly. I gave the kids their travel journals in the car on the way down and they loved them, i did have a sneaky peek and they were quite funny to read.

We visited Illfracombe, Clovelly, Bude and Hartland Quay - we didn't make it to Bideford but maybe next time!!!

Hubby wants to go back as he liked the area so much - just wish we were a bit closer as it took 7 hours to get there and 7 hours to get home!!!

Rachel and Jack thoroughly enjoyed body boarding at Bude and Tompom had his first taste of sand and I mean literally had his first taste of sand!!!

We arrived home suitably shattered with lots of washing and have spent the last few weeks catching up with friends and relaxing!!!!
My last blog was about the Misi talent from Devon and although I would have liked to mention everyone I couldn't but I couldn't believe I missed fairlygirly as she lives in Bideford not far from where we were staying. So as a way of making up for that terrible faux paux I just have to mention her Blog Giveaway so pop along and join in and you might even win a pair of her fabulous butterfly earrings
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