Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Time to smell the flowers.....

Probably like most of you with school age children the past few weeks have been hectic, what with sports days (times 3),
summer fairs,
award ceremonies,
 leavers services, year 6 productions and finally the last day at primary school.
We have made some amazing memories with triumphs and tears as we come to the end of one journey and wait to begin our next new adventure.
But now the time has come to relax and take the time to smell the flowers

 which is what we have been trying to do these past few days.

Normal blogging will resume shortly - Hope you are all enjoying the holidays!!!

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Sunday, 10 July 2011

A weekend of Englishness....

This weekend we enjoyed a couple of very English pursuits.
On Saturday Rachel, Jack and I headed off for an evening bike ride across the fields, our nearest footpath takes us around the wheat fields and pea fields and are rarely used as we are a little off the beaten track.

 We should have realised that as footpaths they are for walking and not really designed for bikes but we have a lot of "fun" trying to negotiate the crops....

Having been stung yet again by stinging nettles I think Jack was wishing he'd stayed at home!

We finally decided to turn back towards home when we saw the rain clouds approaching, we really need to find a much better route next time.

Today we were all out early at the local PYO farm where we collected and ate lots of delicious strawberries.
Even Tompom got in on the action but he wouldn't eat any that he picked until we got in the car!!
Our pickings!
 Enjoying the fruits of their labour.

I know there's not been much in the way of crafty posts lately but I am quietly beavering away at the hexagon patchwork cushion, Ruth and I are hoping to make a start on piecing together the actual cushion on Tuesday night. I also re-covered a notice board for Rachel (will take photos tomorrow) and am continuing with my ripple crochet blanket so shall do an update very soon..

My next post will be my Versatile Blogger Award post kindly given to me by Joy over at Joyknitt, just have to think of 7 interesting things about me now!!!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

..where we meet Peppa Pig

On Sunday we went to the pre-school summer fete, the weather was gorgeous and we even had the chance to meet Peppa Pig. 
One of the mum's at pre-school makes jewellery and asked me to take a couple of photo's she also organises a craft market at the Moot Hall in Maldon once a month so if you are in the area don't forget to pop in.
Here are some pictures of Bethan's (Beady Betty) jewellery.
I love the starfish plate that these starfish bracelets are on on.
Hanging beady hearts
Colourful children's bracelets
Beautiful button bracelets
There were lots of stalls but one of Tompom's faveourite was Hook-a-Duck where he spent quite a bit of time perfecting his hooking skills.
"I got one"
There was candy floss
The Peppa Pig colouring tent kept Tompom busy for ages allowing me to have a little wander.
This old vintage "chitty chitty bang bang" car had the most amazing detail I love the real wood and very shiny brass.
Jack took Hook-a-Duck a little too serious!!!!
The kids spent most of their time on the bouncy castle
We couldn't say no to one of these cakes on a stick
And finally Jack couldn't resist one last cuddle with Peppa Pig!!!!.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Strawberry Tea

Today we headed off for Strawberry Tea at the
Little Baddow History Centre,
this is also where I go with Tompom for one of our weekly toddlers sessions. It is set in the grounds of the church and manse and the gardens are beautiful, just the right amount of kept gardens alongside wild meadow and a small copse. The weather was just right sunshine but not too hot and a nice breeze.
I made a beeline for this stall (the history centre sell some gorgeous shabby chic home wares to help fund the centre) and today they had all their loveliness outside for all to see and buy!!
I have my eye on the heart mirror, a jug and a footstool but we were only browsing today so I shall have to bring more cash with me next time we go to toddlers.
What summer fayre wouldn't be complete without some pickles and jams, there was also some delicious elderflower cordial too.
I enjoyed shared a scrummy fruit scone with clotted cream and jam whilst the children had a bowl of strawberries each.
We bought a couple of bits from the bric-a-brac stall,
a puzzle for Tompom and a dish for me (sorry forgot to take photo's).
There was fun and games too
Tompom and Rachel enjoyed several go's on Splat the Rat
The gentleman (he could only be a gentleman as he was wearing a bow tie!)
running the stall called all the boys Nigel and the girls Susan he was quite the eccentric.
There were also some vintage cars, I loved this Morris Minor
complete with red leather interior and red carpet.
What a lovely way to spend the afternoon.
Another try to Splat the Rat
this one definitely didn't want to be splatted
as he jumped over the bat!
Look at all those rats!
Whilst Rachel and Tompom enjoyed more fun and games
I spent a lovely hour chatting to several of the locals who both entertaining and full of local knowlegde and history.

Soon it was time to leave and whilst I put Tompom in his car seat I didn't realise I had put my bag on top of an ant's nest until I popped it on the floor by Tompom's feet and was about to drive off when he shouted "Look Mummy" for me to turn around to find ants crawling all over my bag and the floor of the car. Luckily a quick swish of the carpet and a shake of the contents of my bag and they were all gone. 
Not quite ants in my pants but almost!!!

And if that wasn't enough tomorrow we are off to see Peppa Pig open Tompom's Pre-school summer fete I just hope we have as much of a lovely time as we did today...

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