Friday, 19 February 2016

A Swap Catch Up - Santa Sack Swap

 The next few posts are all about my Christmas Swaps that I didn't get around to sharing the time.

Santa Sack Swap 

This swap is a big swap as it begins in the summer with everyone signing up and being paired off by Cheryll from Gone Stitchin

It's quite a big commitment as you need to make either a christmas sack, stocking or bag and 5 gifts for your partner.

This is the second year that I have taken part and this time I was partnered with Melanie from The Patchwork Robin.
Here are all the wonderful gifts that Melanie sent me. 

My very own Santa Sack

I couldn't wait to open my sack and see what was inside

beautifully wrapped parcels

How cute is this little fellow.

A robin and heart hanger

A beautifully embroidered sewing case

look at all those lovely neat stitches

and inside, tissues, pins

and some new scissors

Downton Abbey fabric, the colours are wonderfully rich on these fabrics.

A wise and pretty owl to help keep my cutting table tidy!

Some gifts to help my inner (very well hidden) domestic goddess.

Far to pretty for my cooking so hung by the oven to add some festive cheer.

a fab festive snowman cake card

and lots of christmassy ribbons to add to my stash.

Here are all my gifts together

and to collage I posted on instagram at the time.

I have already thanked Melanie for all my gifts but I just wanted to say thank you for being a super swap partner and I promise no robins in the Send your Country Swap as we are partners again!!!

Here is what I made and sent to Melanie. 

Does anyone else's crafting kind of evolve. I do find I start off with an idea then it sort of runs this way and that until I end up with the finished project which wasn't entirely what I was thinking off in the first place!! I'm not sure that sentence makes sense but basically this is what I eventually made....

I wanted to use the christmas robin fabric scraps that I had to make a sack but because I only had small pieces I decided to make a hexagons which eventually turned into a fabric panel for the front of this hessian sack.

I didn't want any of the robin fabric to go to waste so I made a tiny hexagon flower and turned it into a hanging tag for the sack. Not what I had initially set out to make but a much nicer end product.

This wreath was really simple to make and Mr Mad About Bags initially thought it was for our home but I sadly had to tell him "sorry no, its for Melanie"!! I didn't make the robin but swapped my sewing talents for someone else felting talents to get this little fellow. I did crochet the holly and tie the ribbon though!

I found the perfect robin themed cross stitch alphabet on eBay and teamed it with another cross alphabet I had to create this patchwork cushion using my christmas fabric scraps. I was really pleased with how this cushion turned out and was tempted to change my blog name to The Patchwork Robin and keep it (sorry Melanie it very nearly didn't make it into the sack).

 I forgot to photograph everything else but luckily Melanie posted a photo on her blog.
As you can see lots of robin themed goodies 

This is a brilliant swap, and although its a big commitment with quite a few makes its so rewarding both in the sending and the receiving. Keep yours eyes peeled for the sign up over on Cheryll's blog on June 1st.


  1. WOW! I am blown away by both swap packages - they are all incredible makes. I especially love the cross stitch cushion - so much work! I think I need to be a lot better at sewing to partake in something like this - I don't even know how to cut out hexagons etc!

    1. Thank you Kimberley, I think you are pretty amazing at sewing, and quick too! Hexies are pretty easy to cut out and a great way to use up small scraps of fabric xx I have promised myself that I will make a flower garden one of these days x

  2. Stunning gifts on both parts, very inspiring. X


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