Thursday, 22 August 2013

Proud Parent Moment

I seem to write less and less about my teenage children these days as they don't always want their antics aired on my blog but I just wanted to share with you my daughters gcse results as I'm having a very proud mummy moment!
Rachel picked up her results for maths and citizenship today and she achieved an A in Maths and an A* in citizenship. We are so proud of her and the fact she has worked so hard to achieve these results.

As Rachel enters year 11 she will have lots more exams to take.

And with the determination and dedication she has shown so far we're sure she will succeed and achieve her dreams.

Well done to my amazing girl and to all those who achieved their goals today xx

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Sunday, 4 August 2013

My Daughter Has Started a New Blog!

My Daughter, Rachel, is 15 years! She has started a new blog called 'LittleMissMakes'. At the moment she is decorating her room and posting about her DIY room creations. She would love it if you had a look at her blog and followed her on BlogLovin or Blogger!
Click on either link's to take a look! 

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