Thursday, 21 June 2012

Cheering Myself Up

I've been feeling really bleurgh today! I'm full of a summer head cold and feeling very sorry for myself, Paul has been looking after me, and after sleeping for most of the day I am now feeling a bit more human!!! So to cheer myself up I thought I would post some pictures of the lovely things I have received in the post recently.
I was lucky to be the winner of a birthday giveaway Gill was running over at Dosie Rosie
Pretty packages tied up with string..
with cute teeny tiny crochet flowers
 Gill sent me three things for my workroom
Sunlight, Fluid and Sustenance

Sunlight - this pretty glass star suncatcher
Fliud - a starry Cath Kidston mug

Sustenance - a cute lunch bag
My suncatcher is now proudly displayed in my workroom, I have enjoyed many a lovely cup of tea in my new mug and shall be trying out my lunch bag on our next picnic.....thank you Gill for such lovely gifts.

I have been popping back into the Misi forums lately and back in May signed up to take part in the red, white and blue themed swap. I received this very pretty necklace from the lovey Karen of Just K Jewellery. It's made from a pretty blue and white liberty print and is just gorgeous - thanks Karen.

Well that definitely cheered me up seeing all those lovely gifts, but now my head feels like it is full of cotton wool so I shall head off to bed shortly, I'm on strict instructions not to sit up and watch Big Brother, but I'm not sure I can do it!!!!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Handmade Heart Swap

I feel like I need to start every post with an apology as my absences from blogger seem to be more frequent at the moment, it's not through lack of things to say or post about but just a general every day busy-ness that seems to keep me from my keyboard..... I have been trying to keep up with all your lovely posts but am feeling a little daunted by the 534 (at the last count) unread posts that have built over over the past few days. I don't like the idea of marking them as read without actually reading them so I shall be catching up as best I can over the next few evenings...

Anyhow onto what this post is really about and that's the wonderful parcel that I received this yesterday morning from Kezzie over at KezzieAG
We were partnered in a Handmade Heart Swap organised by Mary Poppins.
Kezzie's blog was new to me and it has been lovely getting to know her better by reading through her archives and following her latest posts.
As I opened the box I noticed that Kezzie had written a message on the inside it did make me chuckle, I think most of us bloggers and swappers are into recycling packaging and Kezzie was worried as she had used lots of recycled bags etc to protect my goodies, I have to say I didn't notice any ugly packaging just lots of gorgeously wrapped gifts in a box!!!!
Here's what was in the box.... 
Kezzie made this brilliant map envelope and handmade card (which I forgot to photograph) made from the heart stickers used as templates for my mug design (you're see my mug in a bit) 
I really want to try making some hearts and envelopes from maps and have been really inspired by Kezzie's envelope to attack the old readers digest map book that I picked up from the charity shop, I have the envelope template just need to make the time now!!! 
How cute is this woollen heart and badge!
Kezzie makes lots of cards and papercrafts is one of her many talents 
Inside this pretty box was 4 handmade cards. 
When Kezzie and I discussed our likes and dislikes I mentioned my penchant for a cup of tea or seven so Kezzie made me this pretty button bracelet complete with heart and tea charms, she also added some extra buttons in case I needed to lengthen the bracelet but it fits perfectly but I'm sure I can find another use for them. 
Beauty products is one craft I've never tried but Kezzie's mum had shown her how to make these divine smelling bath fizzers, I really wish you could smell them and I can't wait to try them out in my bath. 
What I love about swaps is trying new things and Kezzie certainly did that for this swap, here are my stained glass tea light holders, Kezzie explained that painting on a curve was much harder than i sounded but I think these look great! 
Did I mention that I drink copious amounts of tea!!!! Well I definitely mentioned it to Kezzie and look at this handpainted mug she made just for me..the colours are just perfect and I have already enjoyed a lovely cup of white tea in my new mug. 
See the little hearts..well Kezzie used hearts stickers to create the design and then recycled them to make my handmade card - brilliant!!!! For some reason I didn't photograph the other side of the mug so can't show you the teapot design that Kezzie drew (doh!!)
In my last parcel there was this pretty paper jubilee themed heart 
and I very nearly missed the chocolate lollipop that was underneath the tissue paper, good job I didn't as it was delicious. 
And finally there were these delicious Green and Blacks chocolates which I shared later with my eldest two. 
Here's a picture of all my Handmade Heart Swap goodies together
Thanks Kezzie for being such a brilliant swap partner it's been a pleasure getting to know you and I look forward following your blog and reading about your adventures xxxx

Kezzie has now received her swap parcel from me and will do a blog post about it shortly so here's a little sneak preview of some of the things I sent.
you can also see what else everyone received over at the flickr group page

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