Friday, 29 March 2013

Happy Easter

I hope you are all having a good start to your Easter break...Here in Essex the sun was out and there was a lovely blue sky, BUT boy was it cold and muddy!!!! 

This morning we headed out to Hylands Park for and Easter Egg Hunt organised by a friend. 

We had a super time, collecting paper eggs

 in exchange for chocolate ones! 

We even found the Easter Bunny! 

We had a smashing time with the pinata egg

and played in the park.

You can see from Tomas' boots just how muddy it was!!!!!

We are all home now enjoying the warmth before having bangers and mash for tea, have a good easter whatever you are up to xxx

Spring Bouquet Swap

Although I think for most of us Spring is still waiting to show its sunny side, I do have a couple of things to show you that may brighten your day.
The lovely Betty of Betty the Wood Fairy recently organised a Spring Bouquet Swap, the idea being you make or buy something spring themed for your swap partner. I was teamed with Andrea over at MemeRose who creates the most amazing crochet and has a wonderful flair for home interiors.

Andrea has now received her swap parcel so I can tell you all about it.

Andrea and I emailed each other and I did lots of stalking on her blog and found out that she loves pastel colours and has a thing for swans. So with my trusty google search engine I surfed the net looking for just the right fabric and boy did I find it! 

Now, although the fabric did have flowers on it they were roses so not very springlike so to incorporate the spring element I searched the web again and found a tulip shaped bag pattern which I used to create a bag just for Andrea.

The pink fabric is recycled from a curtain sample.

I found the perfect button in my button box.

I also enclosed some very sweet cotton reel chocolates that I found in NEXT 

and a pretty pansy embroidered mini hoop that I picked up on one of my many charity shop trips.

I can't wait to show you what Andrea sent me........

Thursday, 28 March 2013

More subway art

Today is Tomas' last day at his present school, after the Easter holidays he starts at a small independent school. I made this subway art picture as a thank you for his teacher.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Easter Bonnet Parade

Today at Tomas' school they held an Easter Bonnet Parade. I made the actual hat and Tomas decorated it, cutting out all the flowers and animals and sticking everything on. The children paraded around the hall in their class groups and a boy and girl winner were picked from each class. Tomas was one of the winners and was very pleased with himself and also with the Easter egg that he one. Here is his creation.....

You can't see the back but there are lots of flowers and baby animals.

I don't know where he gets his creative streak from!!

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Monday, 25 March 2013

Subway Art

I've been busy tonight creating some Spring and Easter subway art. I blame Pinterest really, as I was inspired by some wonderful subway art pins that caught my eye but most were American and I had absolutely no idea what PEEPS were until I googled it. They seem to be coloured marshmallow rabbits and chicks. Not sure they are too good for your teeth though! 

So after much faffing and fannying about, all in the name of art of course, and bearing in mind the fact that I was going to go to bed at 9.30 here are my two creations!

One for Easter....with not a Peep in sight!

as you can see it will need trimming down to fit in a frame.

And the Spring one, I worked out how to get a white background for this one and I think I prefer it.
I made both of these over at Pic Monkey so if you have an evening to spare waste then pop over there and create your own!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

a BIG old round up......

 I really seem to be out of the habit of blogging at the moment, although I am still managing (only just) to keep up with all your posts. I think I just need to manage my time a little lot better! 
Oh and thank you for all my birthday wishes x

So what's been happening in my little corner of the world then...

Well the most important event was today as my baby turned 5, I can't quite believe that at lunchtime 5 years ago I was busy pushing a new life into the world whilst Paul was enjoying a cup of tea and chat with the midwife!!!
Tomas loved his chair and desk and has been happily writing away since coming home from school. It's his party on Sunday and we will have 30 odd 4 and 5 years bouncing up and down on a bouncy castle!! Wish me luck!

Right onto some crafty makes now.

Back at the beginning of February I finally got around to recovering our dining room chairs, they were originally cream but had recently become so mucky that it was a tad embarrassing when we had friends over. So armed with some bargain curtain fabric and a staple gun the chairs were recovered in no time, why I had put it off for so long I don't know!!! I did try to recover the grotty iron board too but for some reason it turned out a bit small so no photo of my epic fail!!!

Also back in February I took part in the Heart Swap and here is what I sent my swap partner Lisa over at NoodleBubble. Lisa likes owls so I tried to incorporate those into the heart theme too.

One of the reason for not blogging is that I have been really busy sewing here are some of my recent makes....

some drawstring bags for a party planner

notebook covers, a personalised horse racing one

and an oriental embellished one.

a football themed PE bag

personalised napkins (I found another great tutorial on how to get the best mitred corners)

 Some lovely Easter makes

 A couple of patchwork striped bags, one for knitting and one for crochet.

My first ever fully finished quilt. A gift for one of Tomas' friends.

A marvel comic fabric cushion.

Phew! that's a lot of makes!!!

It hasn't all be hard work though there have been some shopping trips along the way too and although I haven't got photos of everything I have picked up a bargain or too.
The bobbin lamp wasn't a bargain as such but I had my eye on it since before Christmas and thought that I had missed out because the new version in the Spring NEXT catalogue is a different colour so I was thrilled to see it still for sale on the website and snapped it up. Had to pay full price but it was worth it...
There has been some fabric shopping too some you can see in the makes above, the marvel comic fabric, the stars fabric and the wonderful horse racing fabric. Whilst I was shopping for the fabric to make the grey Easter basket some fabulous fox fabric fell in the my shopping cart as well, I'm not sure what I will make yet but it will be mine all mine!
There have been a couple of new charity shops open in our area recently but I haven't had time recently to pop in so on Tuesday Paul surprised me with a trip to the Boreham one and I picked up lots of goodies, a Next mid brown cord jacket, ideal for when the weather gets warmer, a pair of Per Una jeans, a rugby lover glass for Jack, a couple of t shirts for Tomas, a mini hot water bottle and the basket in the picture above all the just under £20. I do like a charity shop that is realistic with its prices and the staff are lovely too.

Well hopefully that is me up to date, one thing I wanted to mention was pen pals, I was paired with the lovely Millicent and a little while ago I wrote a rather long and rambling letter to her, today I received her reply in the post. I'm really looking forward to getting to know Millicent through our snail mail letters but she has been feeling a bit under the weather recently so pop over and say hello and brighten her day.

I still have a few more WIP's but will post about those once they are finished, thanks for reading this rather long post and I will be back soon xx

PS just click on any of my photos to make them bigger, if you want to that is....

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Another year older......

Today I am another year older, I received some lovely cards and presents (practical but still lovely) and Paul and I had a delicious birthday breakfast this morning at our favourite American style diner. This is my tasty Wall Street Mash Up. It was delicious!

My plate was clean and my belly full after that lot!
I spent the afternoon doing so secret sewing for my spring bouquet swap partner. So not many photos today.
Tomas made me a lovely paper badge to wear and luckily for me he put the numbers around the wrong way, so today I have been celebrating my 34th birthday!

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