Friday, 18 April 2014

Happy Easter

Just popping in to wish you all a happy Easter weekend.

I promise to get back to regular posting very soon. xx

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Friday, 4 April 2014

Sew Sweet Swap

Back in January (wow! I can't believe it was that long ago) I signed up for the Sew Sweet Swap over at Catalina's Cottage. The idea being that you send your swap partner a zippered pouch (or similar), some sweets or chocolates and anything else you fancied popping in as well.

I was partnered with the lovely Treena-Marie of Creative Mama in New Zealand
(I'm really loving finding all these new blogs). 

I read the original blog post wrong as I thought it said it WAS a secret swap, therefore I didn't contact Treena-Marie, which I realise now was very rude of me and I must apologise to Treena-Marie. Sorry Treena-Marie I really must learn to read things properly lol!

Luckily we had each filled out a questionnaire from Cat so armed with all my new found knowledge of Treena-Marie I sent about putting together her swap parcel.

But before I show you what I made here is what Treea-Marie sent to me.....

A super cute fox applique zippered pouch, 

I love foxes and I love this pouch.

Inside were some delicious treats - 
Cadbury's mini creme eggs,
a bar of dairy milk, 
and very excitedly I had the chance to try some Whittakers chocolate. 
Those of you that follow some of the blogs from New Zealand will know that Whittakers is the favoured chocolate of many of the bloggers!
and also some New Zealand Earl Grey tea bags, 
which I am now completely addicted to and have had to  resort to bribing people to send me large quantities over from New Zealand (more about that soon!)

as you can see by the photos, the children were at school when this swap parcel arrived and I was able to enjoy eating my sweet goodies in peace.

Thank You Treena-Marie


For Treena-Marie's swap parcel I decided to make one of my little japanese grab bags in some of the bright colours that Treena-Marie had said she liked.

Inside I popped some fabric squares
a pack of note cards
a pocket mirror

some hot chocolate sachets
and finally some chocolate 

This was a very delicious swap, thanks to Cat for organising and thank you to Treena-Marie for a brilliant swap parcel.

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