Sunday, 28 June 2009

Addicted to Facebook

I recently bumped into an old school friend but was in hurry so didn't have time to swap numbers etc. "I'm on facebook" she yelled at me as she walked away. Now I was a bit sceptical about facebook at first and although everyone else seems to be on it I couldn't be bothered to register. But after bumping into Hayley, my old school chum, I thought What the hell! and went on and registered. That was last week and now I'm completely addicted to catching up on old friends, posting old and embaressing pictures of myself, my old friends and my family. Tonight I should have been down my workshop tidying up and maybe even sewing but where was I - on facebook uploading pictures of myself with a terrible perm for everyone to see!!!

I shall have to hide the evidence of what I have been doing by deleting all the update emails after everyone commented on my pictures!!!

Now you're probably wondering how bad can the photo of me with a bad perm be - well let me show you!!!!

I told you it was bad didn't I!!!

I still can't belive my Mum not only did that to me ( yes she permed my hair) but that she actually let me go out of the house looking like that!!!

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

what a performance!!!

Just got back from our local theatre having watched our daughter sing her socks off the Junior Music Festival, several local schools get together only meeting twice before the actual performance and sing lots of songs. Rachel also played the recorder and was absolutely fantastic. I was so proud!!!!
Last week we were at the theatre again for her drama groups production "Don't tell Mama" where she had some small solo parts, nothing seems to phase her on the stage she just goes up there and enjoys herself.
Tomorrow she's playing clarinet in front of the school as part of music week - just wish I could sing and play like that!!!!
I'm one very proud Mum tonight!!!

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Latest Creations!

Here are a few of my latest creations

Now that my workshop is gradually taking shape I wanted to make a new cover for my ironing board and while I was sorting out my patterns i found some instructions. I have this Michael Miller Tidy Up fabric in three different colourways, kiwi, aqau and pink and couldn't decide which to use. I finally plumped for my favourite green. It's the first time I've made anything like this and am really pleased with the way its turned out, Iused elastic instead of string and it's made the cover fit nice and snug. The only trouble is I don't want it to get BURNT with the iron so am ironing really carefully!!!!!

I had this nautical bag cut out and half finished for ages and finally decided that I couldn't keep putting it in the TO DO pile!!!! Initally I was going to use some red and green fabric for the handles so it would be port and starboard but I finally went with the blue and I'm glad I did. I topstiched the handles with five rows of stitching and it really finishes them off and makes them nice and sturdy and comfortable to wear over the shoulder. A real summery bag.

Finally a few weeks ago during half term my daughter Rachel kept pestering me to make her a bag for school and so on the sunday evening before she was due back (because apparently I had PROMISED!!!!) we went off down to my workshop and she picked out the fabric and the pattern and left me to it.... It was a pattern I hadn't used before so you know what that means - everything took twice as long!!!! I finally finished at midnight and left the bag in her room for her to find in the morning . She was really pleased and has been using it ever since. The fabric is really pretty with puppies on a pink roses background and the baby pink fabric was the bottom of Rachel's curtains that I had cut off to fit her window.
I will be listing some new bags in my Misi shop over the next few days so don't forget to take a look.....

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Strange Feeling!!!

The house feels strange this week as our daughter is off on her school trip this week to Windmill House PGL in Sussex. She was so excited that she began packing last week only to realise that she needed to wear some of the clothes that she had packed so her bedroom ended up looking like a laundry....she woke up at 6.30am on Monday morning and was packed and ready to go although we didn't have to be at school until 10am...I took her up to school and all her friends were arriving too and the coach was there and as the children were loading their suitcases and bedding onto the coach the driver realised that there was too much luggage and he would need a bigger coach, luckily its a local firm and the bigger coach arrived quickly...the luggage was unpacked and repacked on the bigger coach and then it was time for them to go...I gave Rachel and hug and waved her off, there were a few tears from some of the Mums but I felt fine until I got home and then the house just felt strange, all out of balance...and a bit too quiet, although I have enjoyed the time so far with Jack as we have manged to play a few games without world war three breaking out...
We have been getting daily updates and apparently they didn't go to bed until 11.30pm the first night and were up at 6.30am the following day and enjoyed fencing and raft building..
it sounds like they're having a great time if a little of the things i'm not looking forward to is the damp and smelly clothes at the end of the week!!!

Friday, 5 June 2009

What's your Pirate Name?

My 9 year old son Jack is obsessed with Pirates of the Carribean and has seen all the films and is quite happy dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow swordfighting anyone who gets in his way....well he has this pirate book that tells you what you pirate name is by taking the first letter of your first name, the first letter of your surname and the last letter of your surname....mine is Dreadful Thomas Bigswagger!!!!
Jack's worked out all he's class friends pirate names as well as those of some of the teachers and parents and it has been a bit pirate crazy up at school lately...and as i didn't want my Misi friends to miss out on knowing their pirate names i started a post in the forum see if anyone else wanted to know their pirate name and lots of them did. I have to say the worst name so far has to go to Lou from Looby Crafts whose pirate name is HAIRY WILDMAN RATFACE. If you would like to know your pirate name you can either pop over to Misi or leave a comment and I will let you know.
I will need
first letter of your first name
first letter of your surname
last letter of your surname
In honour of this pirate theme here are a few piratey goodies from Misi shopkeepers
please bear with me with the links as i haven't quite mastered the art of photos in bloggerland yet last lot took ages!!!!

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Where does the time go!!!!

Why is it that you blog and then you think, oh i'll blog again, but you don't because you think you don't have enough to say and then when you eventually get round to blogging (mainly because my blog has been mentioned on clare's blog - and it spurred me on as people might be looking at my blog) you have sooooo much to say it's more like a novel than a blog!!!!

well that's my blog today!!!

it's not really a TODAY blog more like a LAST WEEK OR SO blog

so here goes what i have been up to.....

Just before the easter holidays (i know that's more than a week ago but i did warn you!!) one of the LSA's at my children's school ask me to make her a beach bag for her holiday, not a bad request i hear you ask BUT this was on wednesday and she was going away on the Saturday!!! here are some pictures of her bag after it had been on holiday and washed i think it fared pretty well!

Then as most of you know i took part in the misi name swap, i think Vickie from Spiderpixie and Vickies Beads has been busy with her new blowtorch making lampwork beads but here is a picture of the Spider cushion i made for her

By now it's half term and the kids are off school, so not much chance for any sewing for my shop but i get round to making my daughter's outfits for her drama production (the orange charity shop dress is for The Wiz and the brown pinny for Annie. (it's supposed to be creased and i then used it as a duster on the garden table to give it that authentic grubby look!) For more details about the show and for tickets visit Tomorrow's Talent

and a pirate flag for my eldest mad about Pirates of the Carribean son.

Finally the lovely weather arrived and the kids got out the garden sprinkler and had a whale of a time we put up our pool on Saturday and even i went in for a dip on Monday (no pictures of that - thank god!!!)

Now the kids are back in school and hopefully there will be some time for some handbag sewing!!!

The End
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