Monday, 30 December 2013

Send a Little Love Swap

It seems that we are all itching to get back to our routines after the Christmas break 
and I for one am missing my sewing machine!

It also seems it's not too early for a swap either, 
with February being the month of love, how about sending a little love around blogland?

The idea of this swap is to send a minimum of 5 things to include
Something heart shaped or themed
Something deliciously edible
Something handmade
Something red

This swap is open to both UK and overseas bloggers and readers of my blog
(you just need to have an email contact)

If you would like to take part then please leave a comment on this post,
letting me know if you wish to post UK or worldwide
Sign up by the Friday 10th January 2014
Swap partners will be posted on my blog on Sunday 12th January 2014
Then it's up to you to make contact with your partner and get to know each other a little better, swap details and arrange a timescale.
Swap parcels need to arrive at their destination no later than Friday 14th February 2014
I don't like the idea of rules for swaps so here are some handy guidelines ;-)
Swaps are supposed to be fun and a great way to use items/supplies you already have at home, 
Handmade is open to interpretation everyone's skills are different don't ever think that you can't because  the chances are you can, as long as something has been made with love then I'm sure it will be appreciated by your partner
I don't like to put a price limit on swaps but with postage costs at an all time high we can all appreciate a bit of thrifty spending
Life sometimes has a habit of getting in the way of things, if for whatever reason (and you don't have to say why) you can't continue or need to delay sending out your swap then just let me or your swap partner know
So that's the boring bit out of the way if I have forgotten anything then please let me know and if you need any inspiration then there's always pinterest!

I've started pinning already Valentines Pins

Cracker Swap Update….

Most of us that take part in swaps have blogs but this year I opened up the cracker swap to everyone, the lovely Suzanne (who reads my blog and daily mutterings on Facebook) asked to join in and because I didn't want you all to miss out on what Suzanne received I said I would share some photos and let Suzanne write a guest post on my blog.

So over to you Suzanne...

For my first ever 'swop' Tracy (Mad About Bags) teamed me up with Blueberry Heart
What lovely surprises were in my cracker, 
on the outside were two lovely hearts which went straight on the Christmas Tree. 

Nicely wrapped up inside were lots of little goodies, 

some more decorations, potpourri in a lovely little bag, 
some gorgeous soap and a beautiful bracelet. 

Thank you Blueberry Heart.

I'm so glad you enjoyed the swap Suzanne, thanks for taking part and for sharing your goodies. I have added them to the Flickr group and there is still time to share your cracker swap photos if you haven't already.

Sunday, 29 December 2013


So here we are in the no man's land between Christmas and New year.
It seems I not the only one to find this time a little bit nondescript!
The excitement of Christmas Day has passed, the presents have been enjoyed and packed away ready for another day, the turkey has been eaten in a variety of ways along with a mountain of other delicious goodies and the time has come to reflect on the year that has passed and to think about the opportunities, hopes and dreams that the new year will bring.

We had a lovely relaxed Christmas but I am now getting a bit twitchy for the new year to start.
As I get older the need to keep the tree up until the 12th day gets a little harder to keep, in fairness our tree does go up on the 1st of December so we have enjoyed it's loveliness!

I have already used some of this in between time to pin new ideas and inspirations to my pinterest boards, with one friend commenting that I was so over Christmas as I pinned an Easter themed pin on Christmas day!!!

I'm also thinking that it's time to organise another swap to get my creative juices flowing again - anyone interested???

I am making use of a notebook sent to me by Kimberley over at Creative Chaos to list the things I would like to make over the next 12 months, and I have also been using this time to reflect on my makes and swaps that I haven't had time to share with you in the run up to Christmas, 
here are just a couple of things that I made that were opened on Christmas Day. 
It is strange to think that people all over the world have things in their homes made by me!!!

Here are just a few of my November and December makes

personalised aprons


japanese knot bags

personalised cushions

make up bags

personalised half aprons

Christmas sacks

angel wing hearts

Christmas stockings

and finally a personalised brownie blanket!!

Phew, I'm not sure how I managed to cram that lot in before Christmas Eve!!!

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry Christmas.....

We are almost ready for Christmas Day, the stockings are hung, the sacks laid out, the mince pie, carrot and milk are in place.

The boys have gone to bed, they are having a sleepover but I'm not sure how long it will last!! I have just a small bit of tidying up to do before waiting for Father Christmas to arrive. So there is just time for me to wish you all a very
Merry Christmas.

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Monday, 23 December 2013

Fairy Swap

Are you busy with your Christmas preparations?? We're off to visit family today so I thought I would share my fairy swap photos with you before we go.
 A little while ago I signed up for a fairy/angel swap organised by Betty the Wood Fairy and I was lucky enough to be partnered with Linda from Linda Wilks who turned out to live only a few miles away in a nearby village. 
Linda and I swapped emails and arranged a meet up for last Friday.
It's always lovely and nerve-wracking to meet your swap partner in person but I needn't have worried as Linda made me feel so welcome in her wonderful home and we chatted away whilst enjoying a cup of tea and a slice of delicious homemade cake. 
We decided to open our packages at the same time and this is the wonderful fairy that Linda made for my tree.

How cute is she?

she has been beautifully made and I love her hairband and flower, 
and see those wings, they are amazing

They are made from fabric and pva glue, something I have never tried before but I think I might just have to have a go.

She also has dainty feet and pointed toes so that she can dance the night away with the drummer boy!

She even has frilly knickers under her red starry dress but I couldn't possibly show you those!!!

Tied to her wrist was the festive handmade label.

She fits in so perfectly with my red, green and gold colour scheme and I think that she likes her new home. She now just needs a name???

Thank you Linda for being such a lovely swap partner and I'm looking forward to meeting up with you again in the new year.

Here is the fairy that I made for Linda, having read stalked her blog I found that Linda has a passion for gardening so I thought of a flowerpot fairy. She kind of evolved over time and at one stage looked like a ten pin bowling pin! Ideas were thought and bits added until she finally looked like this….

Here are our two fairies together, don't they look fab!

I really enjoyed this swap so thank you Betty for organising and thanks once again to Linda for being such a kind and generous partner.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Cracker Swap

My cracker swap arrived this morning from Debs over at Busy Little Chicken, I do love packages in the post especially ones filled with goodies!!!

Here is my super stripey fabric covered cracker with an extra gift that obviously wouldn't fit in the cracker but more about that later

the fabric was tied with embroidery thread 

A lovely handmade card

 The bigger present turned out to be a notebook but I can't show you as I took a terrible photo of it, and wrapped around the cracker was this bright and cheery notebook cover. Now Debs must know me pretty well as I definitely need a book to write things to remember in! I can't decide whether it's an age thing but my memory is just terrible! No excuses now with a fab new notebook.

How cute is this label?

Also hidden under the fabric of the cracker was this lovely bookmark taken from a page of Wind in the Willows, no more turning over the corner of the page for me!

And a dinky knitted stocking

If that lot wasn't enough I found this lot crammed/stuffed/wedged inside the cardboard tube

two deliciously smelly tea lights

some decadant braid

a glittery fairy

some delicious chocolate which as is normal with a swap parcel was eaten whilst enjoying opening my goodies, although I was good and shared two of the snowmen with Tomas.

One of my favourite things (little things please me!!!) were these little bells with heart shaped ringers. I have an idea for these in February.

and finally some red, white and blue buttons and beads

It's amazing why you can get inside a cardboard tube isn't!!
Here are all my wonderful goodies together.

Debs will hopefully be getting her cracker from me very shortly, thanks for being a brilliant swap partner Debs and thank you to everyone for taking part and sharing, don't forget about the flickr group too.

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