Thursday, 5 July 2012

Monthly Makes for June

I had quite a busy month for makes in June, firstly there were birthday gifts for my daughters friend, the first two were commissioned by her mum.
Armed with the information of a liking for roses and the colour purple I knew exactly what fabric to use to make this make up pouch 
and drawstring washbag

The birthday girl was getting a new guitar for her birthday and when my Rachel asked me to make her friend a bag we found this amazing purple and pink guitar fabric on ebay and I made this small messenger bag.
The birthday girl loved all her presents and has had some admiring comments about her bag!

I always try to make something personalised too so using the purple rose fabric i made this lavender scented heart.

This next make isn't really a make but as it's kept me pretty busy over several evening I thought I'd mention it. A friends parents are having a wedding blessing and they find the perfect dress but the beading didn't match the wedding colours so I was asked to rebead the front band.
Here it is half way through, the original beads were blues and greens, which I removed and then using the pattern on the dress re beaded using blue and gold seed beads and blue flower sequins.
and here is a close up of the beads. I have to say initially I  thought it was going to take ages to finish but once I got into the swing of the beading it didn't take too long at all.

I've already mentioned my lovely handmade love swap that I did with Kezzie but I just thought I would show you my makes for this swap, Kezzie has a love of music and gingham and pink so I married all three together to make a little lunch/book bag.
And then using the same music fabric I made a hanging heart
and added this ribbon tape to the back
With June whizzing by my thoughts turned to end of year teachers gifts so I made up this lovely lunch bag using a rosy apple fabric teamed with a green check fabric for the base and handles. This one is still available on my facebook page if anyone is stuck for a teachers gift.
We've booked a lovely week (i hope the weather improves by then) away in the Mumbles for august and thinking of holidays and all the lovely kids fabrics I have in my workroom I decided to make up some kids wash bags, these are lined with a showerproof fabric and are just the right size for a toothbrush, flannel etc.
I seem to be making things on a them this month and one of those themes is Wimbledon, or tennis to be more precise, I've had this piece of tennis fabric in my stash for a little white and decided to make up this handbag
I teamed it with blue linen for the base and handles and a blue and white stripe for the lining

this is also available on my facebook page and would make a great gift for any tennis fan.
My final make of the month was a Pay It Forward, after much deliberation as to what to make I finally decided on a craft sellers apron for Claire from Beautiful Things by Claire Mackeness, using the colours and the logo on Claire's blog page.

Claire loves her new apron and is now running her part of the Pay It Forward on her blog, so if you fancy the chance of receiving a handmade gift from Claire pop over to her blog

Right that's all from me for June I hope you have all had a busy month with makes too and if not remember there's always July!!!

East London Cabbies Outing

Yesterday I decided to spend the hour before picking Tomas up from pre-school sitting by the village duck pond with my camera watching all the comings and goings. I managed to take a few snaps for the street photography theme which is happening over at A Kitten Called Betty on facebook, the British do love a queue don't they!!
Whilst sitting on one of the benches I got chatting to one of the locals, he has lived in the village all his life and i love talking to him about that changes that have happened. During our conversation he asked if I was here to photograph the East London Taxi event that passes through the village every year. This is a fantastic event where decorated taxi's ferry children with special needs from the London boroughs to Maldon in Essex to enjoy a day of fun and entertainment. You can read more about it here.
 I'd watched them pass through last year but had completely forgotten about which day it was happening this year. They pass through Danbury at about 12.45 so I had just enough time to pick up Tomas from pre-school and head back to the village green to stand and wave to the children and their families and I hoped to take a few pictures too.
 This event always brings a lump to my throat as you watch the children waving from the taxi's and the noise can be heard all around as the cabbies beep their horns all the way through the towns and villages.

They are escorted by both the police and civilian motorcyclists so that they can all stay in convoy and its was such a lovely event not only to stand and watch but also to participate in even in such a small way. 
People came out from the local shops to stand and wave and I did see three elderly ladies sitting on their fold up chairs outside their homes on the main road waiting to see the children go by. 
I'm sure the children all had a fabulous time and I must definitely make a note of next years event so I don't miss it.
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