Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Easter/Spring Swap Goodies

I'm a bit behind with my blogging and I'm not entirely sure why but now it seems I have a lot to say but can't do it all in one post, so I shall start where I left off on my last post so everything will be in order - I hope!
About a week ago my parcel from New Zealand arrived, sent by the lovely Kimberley as part of the Easter/Spring swap organised by Joy over at Daisy Row. Kimberley has been recovering from having her tonsils out but is now back on the mend, even if her taste buds are a bit behind her!
This is what I found in my parcel......

A pretty fabric covered package tied with ribbon, I'm looking forward to finding the perfect project for this fabric, something pretty I think!

A sweet notebook, now whenever a new notebook arrives in this house it is quickly nabbed by my daughter, I'm not sure what she does with them but she has loads!

My package unwrapped and my ice-cream tub waiting to be opened. This is what I found inside.

A reel of Purple ribbon.

A packet of tissues, as you UK ladies will know we need tissues at the moment with this everlasting cold weather!

Cookie cutters, I haven't made biscuits for ages and as I was sent cookie cutters in one of my last swaps I really think I must try to do some more baking!

A swap isn't complete without some chocolate and these mini eggs were delicious, I was very generous and shared them with hubby.

Some pretty floral coasters.

A malteaster chocolate bunny, I ate the ears and Paul had the rest!

And finally these fabulous felt rabbit and chick egg cosies which I think I will be using as part of our Easter egg hunt this year.

Here are all my goodies photographed together, it amazed me how much you could fit inside an empty litre ice-cream tub!
Thank you to Kimberley for being a great swap partner and if you would like to see what I sent Kimberley then pop over to her blog here. I seem to be notoriously bad at photographing my own swap parcels beforing sending them off. And lastly thank you to Joy for organising such a fantastic swap. Roll on Spring. Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Time to measure up

Just before Christmas I was asked to make some personalised Christmas sacks for Jane over on Facebook.

Jane then asked if I would be interested in making up a height chart using some tape measure fabric that she had purchased on Spoonflower. The designer also produced a blog post on the best way to finish off the height chart. So with a little bit of black vinyl, some interfacing, a grommet and my sewing skills this is the finished height chart.

I think I might need one for my workroom, not that I anticipate getting any taller but I think it would look great on my wall.

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Monday, 4 February 2013

Healthy Living

One of my aims for this year was to exercise a little more and eat a little less. The cold weather threw a spanner in the works because I just wanted to hibernate and that meant no exercise and more comfort food, but this morning I decided that I needed to get back into the swing of things and with the help of this new app for my phone I'm hoping that I can keep it up.

This link takes you to the website for more details - my fitness pal

Now I'm not one for fad diets, healthy eating with moderate exercise is the way to go so although this app is a calorie counter I shan't be taking it to the extreme.
You enter you details, weight, height, age etc and then your goal weight and the amount you would like to lose each week. The app then works out how many calories you are allowed each day and then you add your food intake throughout the day which gets taken off your total and any exercise that you do is calculated in calories and is added back on. The fun part is scanning the bar codes of your food to add up your calories. As I said before I am just using this as a guide to see what I do eat but I was very surprised to find that 1 custard cream is 56 calories and if you're like me I can munch my way through 3 or 4 with a cup of tea. Hopefully the novelty of this app won't wear off too quickly and although the app told me if I did as well as I did today eating only 1209 calories and exercising for 20 minutes I will reach my goal in 5 weeks I don't think that is going to happen as Paul and I are out for breakfast again this week. Healthy living not starving is my motto!

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