Saturday, 8 February 2014

A giveaway win....

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my bargain charity shop find hexagon quilt. It was interesting to hear that some of you recognised fabrics from dresses that you wore in the 70's and the memories behind the girl guide badges. How amazing that a quilt an evoke so many memories and hopefully after its been cleaned and repaired it will continue to give memories to our family too.

I hope you are all keeping well during this horrible weather, I'm am still very much in hibernation mode and as much as the rain is awful we have been very lucky in this part of the country with very minimal flooding and my heart goes out to those badly effected by the floods.

We have seen the sun several times in the past week and boy has it made a difference and although it is still pretty nippy out there we did manage to venture out in the garden to clean the car.

The snowdrops 

and the daffodils (standing like soldiers)

seem to think that spring is just around the corner - I do hope so!

So do you want to see my giveaway win??
Back at the beginning of January PJ over at The Snail Garden celebrated her 6th blogiversary and decided to hold a giveaway, I was lucky enough to be picked out as the winner.

On friday my giveaway win parcel arrived and this is what I found inside.

How cute is this teddy bear label.

and lovely neat handwriting too!

and inside was this beautiful and delicate crocheted doily.

 Isn't it beautiful,


and stunning!

PJ also included some very delicious all butter shortbread biscuits and some tasty twinings tea.

Thank you so much PJ I have now found just the spot for the doily and will share a photo of it very soon.
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