Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Santa Sack Swap 2014

Back in the summer I signed up for the Santa Sack Swap organised by Cheryll
This is a big swap which runs over six months so that you can get to know your partner and also to create either a stocking or a bag and fill it with 5 gifts the majority of which should be handmade.

I was partnered with Cynthia from America, we have emailed back and forth over the months getting to know each other and finding out our likes and dislikes and this is what Cynthia sent me.

I love the idea of all the presents being wrapped in fabric it's two gifts in one!

This is my bright and cheery stocking with added glitter.

 Inside I found these two cute little star decorations.

 I love these little red work christmas decorations,

and these delicate angels in their crochet fairy dresses.

 Two more cotton dishcloths to add to my collection.

Some delicious chocolates that were quickly eaten,

and two tea towels with holders that fit perfectly on my oven door.

Thank you Cynthia for a wonderful swap and thank you to Cheryll for organising it.

You'll be amazed to know that I actually took photographs of what I made and sent to Cynthia, I know shock and horror!

In our emails I quickly realised that Cynthia loved her dog and fairies so that is the route I decided to go down. Now if I'm perfectly honest I didn't start on these back in June, I had plenty of ideas, I spent a lot of time on Pinterest researching more ideas, changed my mind a lot and finally starting sewing in October/November!! 

I didn't have the right fairy fabric in my workroom as mine are all a bit child like, so I went fabric hunting on Ebay and found this gorgeous christmas fairy fabric from Michael Miller with gold accents, which I don't think you can see in the photos. Cynthia asked for a bag so I made a shaped tote lined with gold silky fabric.

Continuing with the fairy theme I managed to pick up this pretty beaded fairy charm at the local christmas handmade fair.

and a christmas fairy door from Rachael's Fairy Doors on Facebook.

I've also recently joined a Christmas Swap group on Facebook, where crafters can swap talents with each other and I swapped one of my cushions for a felted christmas fairy.

Here are all the fairy themed gifts.

I really wanted to make something for Cynthia that was about her love of her dog Digby and I have always wanted to try my hand at red work embroidery so I found some inspiration on Pinterest and created this little wall hanging, and the little scotty dog key ring was from another swap on Facebook.

Cynthia's dog Digby could not be left out on the swap as he is such a big part of Cynthia's life so I made him a stocking all of his own with some brown fleece, cream suede and a cute dog fabric that I had in my workroom and if you look closely the golden coloured dog in the middle looks a bit like Digby!

 I had enough fabric left over to make a poop bag holder and a fabric hanging heart.

I had to include some treats as I'm sure Digby has been a very good boy this year!

I have really enjoyed getting to know Cynthia and receiving my gifts all the way from America, and I have really enjoyed putting together this Santa Sack Swap, there were times when I really didn't think I would get it all finished!

Cheryll is also organising a Valentine Heart Swap sign up closes on the 31st of December so pop over and join in.

Monday, 29 December 2014

Send Us Christmas Swap

Back in November Kimberley over at Creative Chaos, organised a Send Us Christmas swap, the idea being that you fill a 1 litre tub with goodies, including some handmade things, some christmassy things and what ever else you could manage to fit in that your partner might like.

I was paired with Laney over at Izzy Beads, a new to me blogger. I've really enjoyed getting to know Laney and finding out some of our similarities through her blog and Facebook. 

This is what Laney sent me in my parcel

The most gorgeous bottle stopper made using a glass bead covered in flowers and the tiniest of ladybirds.

A dog bone glass bead pendant with added paw print in one of my favourite colours.

A beaded book mark and fairy charm.

A scrumptious smelling bath fizz bomb.

Felted balls in lots of fabulous colours.

And lots of beads bits and bobs.

and here are all my goodies together.

Me being useless again forget to take any photos of what I made and sent to Laney, so I'm relaying on Laney to post a few on her blog.

Thank you to lane for being such a fab swap partner Laney and thank you to Kimberley for organising the swap amidst all her degree work!!

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Cracker Swap 2014

I hope you have all enjoyed the festivities, we had a wonderful christmas and have now hit that lull that happens between christmas and new year when you aren't really sure what day it is and you haven't been out of the house (or your pyjamas) in days!!!
I came down with the dreaded christmas cold on boxing day and today I have lost my voice, which some would say is a blessing, whilst I'm finding it just, well, inconvenient!

I've also started a new project, I know I shouldn't have as I have far too many unfinished projects as it is, but I picked up this cross stitch kit in the charity shop for £5 just before Christmas and I promised to make it for Paul.

I've also been thinking about new year's resolutions, nothing too major but just some little tweaks and  some stash busting sewing! I will be revealing all on the 1st of January.

*****Cracker Swap 2014*****

Thank you to everyone that took part in this year's cracker swap I've really enjoyed seeing all your crackers and I hope that you have enjoyed taking part.
 I was partnered with Kerry from Blueberry Heart and Glenda (who doesn't have a blog but loves to take part in swaps)

This is what Kerry from Blueberry Heart sent me.

A lovely traditional red festive fabric wrapped cracker

It's amazing how much you can fit in one of these tubes!

I tried to convince my boys that the brussel sprout chocolates actually tasted of brussel sprouts so that I didn't have to share but they weren't convinced!

I love the button heart and the little mistletoe kisses heart

Tomas decided to peg this little fella on the tree.

And this tea light candle smelled deliciously of Christmas!

Thank you Kerry for such a fabulous swap.

Glenda's cracker travelled all the way over from New Zealand.

The cracker was wrapped in this very festive green and gold christmas fabric with added decorations. 

and was crammed full of goodies!

Inside were these delicious treats which didn't last long at all.

A foxy rubber and some beautiful butterfly magnets

Some festive nail varnishes and christmassy embellishments.

This little fella is so cute and has been added to my keys.

I'm getting used to using my handmade dishcloths now, (I was very much in the camp that they were too nice for washing up!) and I have a growing collection, this one is super soft.

And finally some vintage goodies.

Thank you Glenda for being a wonderful swap partner.

Now in my mad last minute rush to get my crackers in the post I completely forgot to take any photos of the crackers that I put together for Kerry and Glenda, I'm hoping that they will take some photos and I can pop them on my blog sometime in the future.

I've added a little link list to this post so that you can share your cracker swap posts in one place xx 

just fill in your details below x 

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Merry Christmas

I've been rubbish at keeping up with the advent calendar again this year, I have photos on my phone and camera but just haven't always had the time to share, but I have enjoyed seeing the photos and pictures that the others taking part have shared.

I'm almost ready for the festivities to start, just some last minute wrapping to do and then I can get to bed as I've no doubt we will be up pretty early tomorrow x
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas xx

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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Advent - Day 7

We began our Christmas Jigsaw today, when I say we I really mean me, although Tomas did start off with good intentions! I wonder if we will finish it before Christmas Day.

Linking in with KC's Court x

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Advent - Day 4,5 & 6

I'm already playing catch up and we have even finished the first week!!!

Late night shopping and a lack of light are my excuses.

Day 4

Tomas' Book Advent 
This year I decided to put together a book advent for Tomas, so I collected all our old Christmas books and then went on a hunt around the charity shops and ebay to pick up a few more. 
It has been lovely to read some old favourites and I'm looking forward to finding some new favourites too. And it appears that you can never be too old for a Christmas Book Advent as Rachel and Jack are a bit jealous that they didn't get one too! "We only get a chocolate advent" is all I have heard.

Day 5

Christmas Pudding

Now I'm normally the only one who likes or eats Christmas Pudding in our house, and I'm quite particular about what sort of pudding I like, it has to be crammed full of fruit and nuts and it does have to be set on fire and covered in cream. Sometimes I've been a little disappointed by the choice of pudding that Mr Mad About Bags brings home from the shops (he does the food shopping), no nuts, a basic single tiny pudding, but not this year, this year we have a jewelled fruit christmas pudding, lets hope it lives up the expectations! And apparently I've got to share (humph!)

Day 6

Morning Frost

The last few days have been so grey and miserable but this morning there were blue skies, a bitter wind and a frost on the ground, cue me rushing out into the garden in my PJ's to grab a quick photo before the sun disappeared.

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