Monday, 29 August 2011

Tuesday Night Sew In

That's last Tuesday not tomorrow - there's no way that I'm that efficient....

Every Tuesday (well almost!) I have a Tuesday Night Sew In with my partner in crime Ruth,
 this was the inspiration for our first project.

It's been a major learning curve as neither of us have hexagonal quilted before and rather therapeutic too.
I have embarrassed my kids on several occasions by taking my tin of hexagons out in public.
This has been a work in progress for several weeks and sometimes more chatting occurs than sewing but last week we were on the homeward stretch (well Ruth was as I had forgot to make my hexagon flower).
My work is on the left and Ruth's is on the right
Because I hadn't finished my flower we made a start on sewing Ruth's cushion together.


how fab is that!

Not wanting to hold up starting on our next project I got to work making my hexagon flower and finished off my cushion too.
Here it is on the chair in the porch - now you can see why I went with a different colour scheme.
I did have a slight panic when in the final throe's of stuffing my cushion one of the patchwork squares frayed (I should have realised when I cut it that it would fray quite easily and used a wider seam but then hindsight is a wonderful thing) I managed to salvage this mishap with lots of awkward hand sewing. Phew!
I think Ruth and I are both very pleased with our cushions (I know I am)and have learnt lots by completing this project, we are now thinking about the next one and are hoping to find a Halloween themed something on the wonderful waste of time that is Pinterest!!!!

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Monday, 15 August 2011

Faith, Hope and Charity Swap continued.....

Here's what I sent to Verity in the Faith, Hope and Charity Swap organised by Lakota at Faith, Hope and Charity Shopping.
 I found a tutorial for a quilted "friendship" bag which I adapted to add the wooden handles and machine embroidered the seams. I haven't done much quilting before and really enjoyed making this bag.

 I added a yo-yo button brooch which can be left on the bag or worn on a coat. These yo-yo's are quick and easy to make and very addictive.
I found another idea on the internet to turn some plain brown wooden beads into a bright bold bracelet.
This necklace is one of my Pinterest pins and was great to make - I don't often rip fabric but you had to for this beauty. Very theraputic!

I added another sewn on yo-yo to the necklace to tie all the strands together.
I really like this necklace and think I shall have to make myself one very soon...
A close-up of the fabric yo-yo.
Finally some Country Living Smellies.
I loved trying out these new ideas thats what I love about swapping as it makes me try lots of new crafty goodness.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Faith, Hope and Charity Swapping

I recently took part in The Faith, Hope and Charity Swap hosted by Lakota over at Faith, Hope and Charity Shopping. I was partnered with the everso lovely Verity over at Miss Ginger Make
and this is what I received.
Some gorgeous cowboy fabric, Verity did mention that I might make something for the boys from this fabric but honestly I have to say it's mine all mine!
A fabulous new handbag pattern which I can't wait to try out.
Another piece of delightful fabric which I'm prepared to share with Rachel as I promised I might make at skirt/top/dress from this for her.
A bright red fabric covered ring.

A waffle pattern scarf and a flower brooch.
Here's a closeup of the pattern and the brooch.

A silky scarf  which has come just in time as there was an article in the latest Mollie Makes magazine about turning scarves into tops so now I can have a go.
And finally here is a picture of all my wonderful swap goodies together, can you see the biscuits there in the photo - sorry no big photo as they were dunked in a nice cup of tea!

I love this Gnome card it's fab and reminds me of one of  the mum's from school who was having lots of gnomes appearing in her garden (front and back) I think they were just taking their holidays there but she thinks someone was just taking the p**s!
Thanks Verity for being such a wonderful swap partner (here's to the next one - signed up already!) and thank you to Lakota for organising such a fab swap I'm already looking forward to hearing all about the one lined up for Christmas!!!

New Swap for Autumn/Halloween

I know the summer isn't quite over yet but in anticipation of the gorgeousness that is autumn Blueberry Heart is hosting a swap. It's an either or option of Autumn or Halloween so pop over to her blog and join in ....

Monday, 8 August 2011

Fabric Swap Extras

I completely forgot to mention the two books that Sandie kindly sent me in my fabric swap parcel and also the lovely handmade card.
I've never tried rag work before so shall be having a good read to find out more

Sorry Sandie and thank you!!!!

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My Daughters Blog....

Just a little post to tell all my lovely followers about my daughter's blog......just have a quick nose around at her makes, bakes and other day to day things...

Thank You...

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Fabric Swap Goodies

Like many of you I signed up for the fabric swap over at Kandipandi's blog and was lucky to be partnered with Sandie from Sandie's Patch
After several emails and a good hunt through each other blogs we sent off our parcels. I'm not sure about you but I don't like to open a swap parcel if it arrives before I have sent mine (does that make sense!)So Sandie's parcel arrived on Friday and it took quite a lot of will power not to open up the package so on Saturday once I packed up the final pieces for Sandie and had been to the post office I returned home to open my long awaited parcel.
Here is what I found.....
two glittery fabrics which I will look forward to using nearer Christmas.

Three autumnal fabrics I love the floral one and am hoping to team it with the green and a lovely cranberry fabric to make a stripe quilt something (not sure what yet but definitely something!!!)

Lots of lovely bright fabric scraps - don't you just adore the Elvis flamingo!

Both Sandie and I mentioned a love of the seaside and I was thrilled to find lots of beach themed fabrics together with some delicate shell buttons.
Just look at the detail in this brooch it reminds me of a cloud with raindrops and I can't wait to wear it on my coat!!!
Since we had the new shower put in our bathroom I haven't had many baths (of course I have HAD a shower or two!) but I think that a lovely long soak may be on the cards to enjoy this bath fizzer.

Finally there was this bag of ribbons, beads, teeny tiny buttons and much more, with Rachel and Tompom helping me open this paercel they soon grabbed what they liked most. Rachel grabbed the "follow your dreams" ribbon and most of the larger jewellery beads for her bag (she has a green canvas bag, a bit like the cath kidston badge bag, which she is adding badges, buttons and ribbons to) and Tompom grabbed the letter beads as he is enjoying learning how to spell names at the moment. The rest is mine all mine!
So it just leaves me to say thank you to Sandie for being such a fantastic swap partner (you should get your parcel on Monday) and sending me such a lot of lovely goodies and thank you to Kandipandi for organising such a great swap.
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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

July Photo Scavenger Hunt

I've recently added my latest list of photo's for the scavenger hunt pop over to my photography blog to take a look...

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