Thursday, 11 September 2014

My Little Street Urchin

On Wednesday Tomas' school held a Victorian day where all the children, staff and parent helpers dressed in victorian clothes and met Florence Nightingale. Looking at all the things that Tomas made he had a whale of a time. 
Here he is dressed as a street urchin complete with dirty face.

and here are my favourite makes of the day, a victorian birthday card painted by Tomas and a gold locket with a picture of his Dad and a lock of hair! For those of you that have seen photos of Paul he has a number one haircut all over and is ginger so I'm not entirely sure whose hair that is!!!

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Back to School and a Birthday Celebration

Today all three of my children went back to school

this was about the best picture I could get of them!!!

Today was also Jack's 15th Birthday

presents at this age are minimal when money is wanted instead.

We did enjoy a delicious meal out tonight although he was a little embarrassed when the waitress bought his apple pie out complete with candles and we all say happy birthday!!!

Here is the birthday boy tucking into his ribs, he has turned a little camera shy so wouldn't even look at the camera, and although I would love to share some of his baby and toddler photos with you I know he wouldn't be very happy with me so this one will have to do.
He is a son to make his parents proud and is growing into a wonderful young man.

Happy Birthday Jacko!

P.S Thank you for you helpful comments on my last post, thankfully I swapped today's fasting day to Wednesday so I was able to enjoy some delicious food tonight but I do have to say I'm finding the fasting days easier than the non fasting days at the moment, calorie counting to 500 is so much easier than to 1200, or is that just me?

Monday, 1 September 2014

The beginning......

As today is the 1st of September I thought it would be a good time to begin blogging again. I've been a bit absent and I have missed my little corner of blogland. I'm way behind on my blog reading but am hoping to catch up on all your posts very soon.
Paul and I have also decided to use this day to start on the 5:2 diet. Have any of you tried it? Do you know any good meal plans for the fasting days.
We have never dieted before just tried to eat healthily but I think our portion size is a little bit haphazard and as I'm now in my mid forties I don't seem to able to keep the weight off!
We have spent quite a bit of the day using the my fitness pal app to work out the calories of foods so that we can stay within the 500/600 (me/him) calories for the fasting days.
We were surprised to see there were quite a few things we could have, which is great.
So how have I done on my first fast day?? Not too bad actually, it was easier than I thought and I didn't miss my gazillion cups of tea as much as I thought I would (I only had two cups today).
Evenings are my worst time as I like to sit and watch a bit of TV and then get a little peckish and once I start picking I don't seem to be able to stop!! Anyone have any goods tips other than Paul's suggestion of a Hannibal Lector mask!!
Now the evenings are drawing in I will try and finish some of my crochet projects and hopefully this will help to stop the picking.
I'm going to try and stay within 1200 calories on the non fast days but I do have a sweet tooth so will need to keep an eye on this. That said there's nothing wrong with the odd treat is there. Lol!

Our next fast day is Thursday and we will see how that goes!

I have lots of makes to share with you too, so my posts won't be all about food or the lack of it!
I have been very busy over on my facebook page and I am also taking part in lots of crafty swaps so I'm looking forward to receiving lots of happy mail in the post.

Okay I'm off to watch the rest of Big Brother before hitting the sack, nighty night xx

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