Friday, 28 March 2014

One of a Kind March Market Night

Tomorrow I'm taking part in a market night over on facebook organised by the very talented Joanna from My Turquoise Queen

The event is called the "One of a Kind" March Market Night and there will be 20 handmade and highly creative makers working together to bring you a wonderful 24hr craft fair. Each designer will showcase 5 photos of their work. Many pieces are discounted but these prices are only valid for 24hrs from Sat 29th March at 5pm.

All of this is taking place in the comfort of your own home so if you fancy grabbing a bargain and buying something super then pop along to tomorrow to the

One of a Kind March Market Night

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Sunday, 23 March 2014

It's Time to Party!

So today was Tomas' birthday party, we headed off to a local soft play centre where the children let off some steam for an hour, then it was time for lunch

and cake,

followed by a game of ten pin bowling.

I haven't made a birthday cake for a couple of years and thought I would give it a go again. Tomas asked for Scooby Doo, Minion, James Bond and Heartbeat (a 60's police tv programme for those that don't know) on his cake. So after a lot of internet searching and a bit of head scratching this is what I came up with.

This kitchen bore the brunt if my creativity!

As we were finishing off the party with a game of ten pin bowling I thought I would theme the party bags around this so I bought some ten pin bowling fabric and made some party bags ( I've been informed they make wonderful sunglasses cases too - what a brilliant idea!)

Inside I popped a personalised kitkat, I found these wrappers on eBay

so it was just a case of cutting them out and replacing the wrappers on the kitkats. I gave each child a ten pin bowling medal with the winner of each lane getting a little trophy. There was of course an extra trophy for the birthday boy!

I think all the children had a wonderful time, I know Tomas did. Needless to say we are all completely shattered so an early night is in order. X

Friday, 21 March 2014

A Birthday Celebration

Yesterday Tomas celebrated his 6th Birthday, 
it only seems like yesterday he was a babe in arms  

 a toothy toddler

an adorable pre schooler 

growing and learning

finding his way

and make us smile every day.

Tomas is such a sweet natured cheeky chappy who seems to have mastered the art of sarcasm at a very early age!!!
Happy Birthday to my wonderful boy I hope you enjoy your party on Sunday and that mummy doesn't ruin the cake!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Trading Talents

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my recent makes I really love to share them with you although I know some of you have already seen them on facebook so I hope you don't mind seeing them again xx

Talking of facebook I recently joined a group called Vintage Swap Shop, where crafters can swap or trade talents it a great way or "buying" handmade goodies without breaking the bank.

So far I have made a large crochet basket,

I have had this fabric in my workroom for a little while just waiting for the right project and then along came Hannah (my swap partner) with her love of the 1940's.
And some turquoise and brown mini pumpkins.

In exchange I received these two super papercuts from Hannah of Lady H.

Hannah is very talented with a scalpel and her papercuts are amazing.

I was then asked by Kelly of Kelly's Canvas and Creations to make a superhero initial cushion for her son after she had seen a similar one on my page.

I popped over to her page and chose one of Kelly's button covered initial plaques. Kelly added some lovely music themed charms as well as lots of pink and cream buttons.

Another super swap, Kelly recently posted on my page that she was enjoying swapping more than sales and I couldn't agree more.

It's not just talents that you can swap I have also swapped fabrics. Tina of My Shabby Little House posted some pictures of some superhero and character fabrics

that she was wanted to swap so we had a few chats about what sort of fabrics Tina would like and then we popped out fabric parcels in the post. This is what I sent Tina.

My latest swap arrived this morning from Justine of JaysJewels. Rachel is always asking for gifts for her friends so I asked Justine if she would make some bracelets

and keyrings

that Rachel had liked on her page in colours to suit her friends.
In exchange Justine asked me to make two cushion covers for her daughters, so after discussing fabrics and colours this is what I made.

As you can see I am loving taking part in these swaps and already have another lined up.

Thank you to the very talented Hannah, Kelly, Tina and Justine for the brilliant swaps. If you would like to join the group then pop over to the facebook page.

And if any of you lovely bloggers would like to swap talents then please ask.

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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Let The Sunshine In...

We have definitely been letting the sunshine in this weekend. I can't believe how much blue skies and sunshine can lift the spirit. I'd really lost my photography mojo these past few months and I really didn't think there was anything to photograph in the garden but a half hour wander round the garden and I found these beauties.

These remind me of pinwheels

The shadows cast by the sun made a welcome change.

Apart from getting reacquainted with my camera I have spent the weekend tidying my workroom (it really needed it - again!!) and as a family we have enjoyed spending time in the garden. 
I think Tomas was out there all day today, 

sunglasses were the order of the day!
digging for treasure, 

bouncing on the trampoline, playing hockey, rugby and rounders and zooming about in his go-kart. 
Meanwhile I enjoyed a spot of gardening, well just collecting fallen branches and twigs and thinking about what I would like to do in the garden this year. 

The bigger boys stayed in to watch the rugby but unfortunately it wasn't to be and Wales lost against England. 
I really feel that spring is really on it's way and although it is a bit grey today I realise that the sun is there waiting to pop out and shine for us again.
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