Friday, 18 February 2011

A very random post......

This post is full of randomness as I'm a bit lapsa-daisy with my posting at the moment, I am hoping to come out of my winter hibernation soon.....

First we have the goodies that I sent to Lucey over at Lemonade Kitty as part of the "Spread the Bloggy Love Swap" you can see what Lucey had to say here.

 Then there are the goodies the I won over at Emma's blog Bagladee.

A lovely felt brooch

 and a flaming fabric brush roll

 Most of you seasoned CS shoppers will know that if you are after buttons you sometimes have to ask for the button box which they either keep under the counter or out the back, these gorgeous sparkly flower buttons should have been 20p, which I think was a number that the lady just plucked out the air, so rather than just 20p I gave her all the loose change from my purse instead....

 Now the kitchen and orangery are finished I've started buying bits and pieces again which is so nice as before I kept saying "I'll wait until we have a new kitchen before buying that" so I just couldn't resist these folkart placemats from Matalan and the red polka dots coasters are from Debenhams.

 Now I obviously wasn't thinking properly on my shopping trip to Matalan as there are only 4 placemats and coasters in the set and there are 5 of us in our family... I did have Tompom and Paul with me and although Paul was perfectly behaved Tompom thought it would be great fun to run up and down the aisles, which wouldn't have been so bad if we hadn't been in the china department!!!! Hence we made a flying visit and now I shall have to go back!!! Only for the placemats of course!!!!

I know most of us have been trying really hard to shake off our winter blues and I think I've found just the thing to help motivate me... A new swap!!!!

After the success of her Spread the Bloggy Love Swap Jackie over at Sew Special Bears has decided to organise a Spring Makes Me Sing Swap to find out more just pop over to Jackie's Blog and add your name to the list 

Talking about Jackie reminds me to mention that I was lucky enough to be chosen by her daughter to receive a copy of this book

I'm halfway through it and it's proving to be a lovely light hearted read, especially after my last book, a fantasy fiction novel entitled the Assassin's Apprentice by Robin Hobb which isn't my usual reading material but was fascinating all the same and I am a little tempted to read the next one in the trilogy...but back to A Winter's Wedding once I have finished it I would like to continue what Jackie started and pass this book on to another reader, so if you think you would like to read it or know someone else who might enjoy it then please leave a comment and I will draw a name out of the hat on Friday 25th February and pop it in the post to the winner on the Monday.

It's giveaway time again over at Hookin with LaaLaa, Lynda is giving away some of her favourite things in celebration of reaching 200 followers and her up coming birthday, all the gifts look fabulous and I especially like the retro fabric which would look great in my new enter just pop over to Lynda's blog here and leave a comment.

Finally this is the most random thing on my post today but I think I finally have worked out where Tompom gets his bright red (ginger) hair from......

No it's not from me or his Dad, although we are gingers too,

it's from drinking IRN-BRU

We had some with our tea yesterday and I'm sure his hair is more orange today!!!!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and a terrific half term......


  1. I didn't realise that you had to ask for the button jar! Doh! I've not been CS for ages, may treat myself next week. I've also entered LaaLaa's giveaway, fingers crossed!

    The book does sound a lovely read, put my name in the hat.

    Love Iron bru too, though haven't had it for ages :) x

  2. You have done well, I love all your goodies. The placemats are great. I love reading so would love the chance to win your book. Have a great weekend.

  3. I love those placemats, we too are a family of five and most sets are a box of 4 and the boxes of 6 are usually the naff ones that no body wants!!

    Tompoms hair is gorgeous, have a lovely weekend xx

  4. Loved your random post and your little cutie at the end - so cute!


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