Friday, 9 October 2009

ID/Bus Pass Holder

Last week whilst browsing the Misi forums I saw a request by Candyapple (don't forget to pop over to her Misi shop and have a look!) for a bus ticket holder. Apparently when you buy a weekly bus ticket all you get is a flimsy piece of paper that will, if Candyapple's bag is anything like mine, have disintegrated by Friday! So after finding out Candyapple's favourite colours etc I decided to give this a go....Well three protypes later and quite a few swear words I think I have finally conquered the ID/pass wallet. So here is my design it measures approximately 4.5" x 3", but can be made smaller or larger depending on what you want to keep in it. My daughter saw one of the other (arggghh!!!) prototypes the other day in the same fabric and shouted "Can you make me on too"...
As I said this is my prototype and if Candyapple likes the design then I will make one for her too. They will cost £2.95 plus p&p
I have lots of lovely fabrics in my workroom so if you know of anyone who would like an ID
/Bus Pass Holder then send them my way!!!!
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  1. Oh Tracy, I think it is lovely and ideal for the purpose. I walk to work but would love to have a reason to own thinking of what I could use it for!

  2. I love it! Can I buy one please for my mum. Love that fabric too. If you email me I can sort out payment with you.

    Also if you attached some kind of little strap with a popper you could maybe make them into cool luggage tags as well?? In fact if you did that I would buy one of those as well!

  3. Me too for luggage tags!! I like that pink fabric. I would prefer a loop that you could do through the handle like you do on a price tag so that it did not pop off the suitcase when it was tossed around in the baggage dump

  4. Also it could be used for slipping a small mirror into for a handbag - or is that just me being obsessed with my lipstick?...

  5. thanks ladies for all your lovely comments and ideas
    fairlygirly - mimi came up with the idea as a place to keep your business cards i'll be checking later to see how many you can comfortably fit in...
    sew scrumptious - i shall pm you later re your requests
    jean - i shall pm you too
    homespun - great idea i shall look into that one too

  6. Hello, thankyou for visiting my blog it's lovely whensomeone new pops in. I have been looking at your lovely bags you have lovely fabric. The bus pass holder is a great idea you will probably get lots of sales from people buying them for their Mums for Christmas. I will call again.
    Hugs Jill

  7. Hi - 1st time visitor here. I love this - very practical - I hope it turns into a bit of a seller for you. :)

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