Monday, 10 September 2012

Wibble Wobble Wibble Wobble Jelly on a Plate......

That's how I felt this morning after spending 10 minutes on my new toy!!!
Now I knew I had wobbly bits, but this machine wobbles all your wobbly bits at the same time, sometimes fast and sometimes slow and all I can saw is that I'm glad I was in the privacy of my own home rather that publicly wobbling my wobbly bits!!!

So with my first morning of exercise over I'm feeling quite pleased with myself ; I spent 15 minutes on the cross trainer and then two lots of 10 minutes on the vibration plate (just to test out the programs of course!) which according to the blurb is the equivilant of up to two hours of toning in the gym!!!

Have any of you tried one of these vibration plates???

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

September - A Happy Birthday and A New Beginning

September has a arrived bringing with it some beautiful weather, I do wonder if we will have an Indian summer. As I write this part of my post, the kids are just about to jump into the pool, although I think the water is a little cold from all the shrieking that is going on!!! I'm enjoying having the windows wide open and, the sun on my face and a nice cool breeze - perfick!!!

The beginning of September has been busy for us as a family, we arrived home from our holiday in Wales on the 1st, completely shattered from our week of beach days, rugby matches, millennium stadium tours and much more. (more about that in another post!)
The next two days were spent doing washing, washing and doing more washing! I really don't believe we took THAT many clothes with us and that we wore them all!!! This was followed with lots of relaxing and organizing last minute school bits and pieces.
Tuesday was a big day in our house as Jack turned 13, we now have 2 teenagers in the house, so God help us!!! 

A lovely friend of mine makes beautiful celebration cakes and made this super rugby themed cake for Jack.
You can check out Barbara's page on facebook here
Talking of rugby for Jack's birthday we have manged to get tickets for him and Paul to watch 
Wales v New Zealand in November and they are both very excited and looking forward to their boys weekend away!!!

Today was also Tomas' first day in infants school, which Paul found harder than me so he stayed in the car whilst I took Tomas into the playground. 
It was a good job he did because although Tomas had been very excited all morning I think he felt a little overwhelmed by all the people in the playground and had a little cry, but he came out beaming at the end of his first day and said he had had a lovely time. (phew!)
Today Rachel and Jack returned to school, I can't quite believe that I have one child starting GCSE's and  one just starting infants!! Both were excited to be returning which is always a good start.

Paul and I enjoyed our first child free morning by going out for breakfast unfortunately i was so engrossed in eating my Wall Street Mash Up that I forgot to take a photograph.
Before we knew it, it was time to pick up Tomas from school as he his only doing mornings for this first week, then we had a home visit from Tomas' reception teacher and  LSA. Not knowing what to expect I was glad that I had tidied Tomas' room this morning because as soon as they arrived the LSA asked Tomas to show her his room and then they went to draw a picture in the conservatory, during this time his teacher asked us a few questions and explained some of the topics that the children will be covering this year.
This visit was new to us as parents because both Jack and Rachel attended a nursery that was attached to their school and the school didn't have home visits.. Anyone else had experience of a home visit???

 So that's been my first week (almost) of September I'm hoping to get back into crafting very shortly and have already signed up for an Autumn Swap. I'm also hoping to exercise a bit more to be a bit lot healthier and to lose some weight and I think that if  I mention it on here it will give me the motivation that I need. Now where did i put those gym clothes??? 
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