Monday, 24 December 2012

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Crochet christmas trees

I mentioned before that Mum over Mum's Simply Living blog
was crocheting Christmas trees during the countdown to Christmas in a moment of madness I decided to join in and although I started a few days late I did make a start as you can see below

I then didn't make any for a few days and that must have been fate because last Saturday when I popped into chelmsford market I spied some lovely green wool in a much more Christmassy colour. I bought some of the wool and got cracking on making Christmas trees.

As you can see I'm still not quite on one a day but since taking this photo I have made two more, my only dilemma now is do I continue to make more trees or do I make some stars to go with them in the lovely red wool that I bought too.

As you can see I didn't only buy wool on my trip to the market!!
Here is a link to the granny tree tutorial that I am using if you would like to make some yourself.

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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Cracker Swap

There are some lovely cracker posts out there in blog land at the moment, don't forget you can also upload your photos to the Flickr group I've really enjoyed giving and receiving my crackers and will definitely be running this swap again next year.

My cracker arrived from Betty the Wood Fairy a few days ago and this is what Betty sent me, I could tell from the package that maybe some of the things wouldn't fit in a kitchen roll tube!!

Wrapped around the cracker was a very pretty piece of fabric which I think I will use to make something for Rachel's room. There was also a large piece of calico which I am going to use to make a crazy patchwork with in the new year which is something I have been wanting to try for sometime.

Tied to each end were these lovely hanging ornaments, a white metal heart with red ribbon and a handmade clay leaf.

As you can see this was another crammed to bursting cracker so crammed that Betty had to split open the cracker!

Inside the cardboard tube were these fruity bath fizzers

This cute bird cross stitch kit

Lots of glittery white snowflakes I was thinking of putting a jug on the table with some branches to hang small decorations and these will be ideal.

I have to say that this chocolate aero Christmas tree didn't last very long at all and tasted delicious!

And finally this scented heart which I shall keep in one of my drawers to keep my smalls smelling fresh and lovely!

Thank you to Betty for being a brilliant swap partner, your cracker was posted today so should be with you tomorrow.

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Monday, 10 December 2012

New Year's Knitting Resolution

The lovely Joy over at Welcome to Daisy Row recently blogged a review for a knitting book, 

there was also a chance to enter a giveaway for one of three copies of the book and I was lucky enough to win a copy!!!

My book arrived the other day and I have already read the first couple of pages all about the different yarns.
I am going to make my crafty new year's resolution a knitting one, as although I can do the basics it's one of the crafts I've always found difficult to master. I have always blamed it on being left handed but I don't think that's really the case!

I have quite a stash of wool to work with and with this book to guide me I'm hoping that I (and you) can see some progress in my knitting.

Thank you Joy for holding such a great giveaway. 

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Cracker Swap

How are you all getting along with your Crackers?
I've received two of mine, Kimberley's I've already blogged about here and today I will be showing you what Bea sent me. I've sent off three of my crackers, Bea has received hers (you can read about it here), one is on it's way to New Zealand and the other is on it's way to Spain for Amanda, my final cracker for Betty will be posted out on Monday. Phew!! that's a lot of crackers!!!

Bea sent me a beautiful blue cracker crammed (and when I say crammed I don't think there was a millimetre of space left in that tube) full of wonderful goodies. As you can see Bea also sent me a cracker joke and a recipe for rocky road, I completely forgot to add these things to my crackers!!! doh!

Firstly there was a hand knitted mug warmer decorated with pretty pearls.

Then inside were lots and lots of packages

tiny Christmas tree buttons

red and white Christmas shapes

a teeny gingerbread man decoration

three seed stick books

the prettiest earrings

a bendy magnetic man

a reindeer peg

a teeny Christmas lady decoration

a star pendant

a charades dice game

a cross stitch Christmas tree and some wooden buttons

some variegated green thread

teeny tiny red bells

red puff stars and gold and silver card toppers

more buttons

and finally four pieces of patchwork fabric.
I told you it was crammed didn't I!
Here is a photo of all my lovely goodies together.

Thanks Bea for sending me such a crammed full of goodies cracker, now I forgot to take a photo of my crackers before sending them off but you can see what I sent Bea here
Don't forget to add your swap photos to the flickr group too xx

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Mini Tote Swap & Crochet

Thanks for all your embarrassing parent stories I'm glad that it's not only me who is embarrassing their kids!
This week has been a painful one as I trapped a nerve in my back and is been giving me a lot of gip!!! I had lots of plans of trying to blog daily in December but because of my back I haven't really felt like sitting in front of the computer too much.
But with Paul playing nursemaid and dishing out the painkillers and anti inflammatories I'm feeling much better. Today here is Chelmsford is has been a snow day with both schools closed so we have stayed wrapped up warm indoors. we did venture out for a short while but brrr it was nippy out there!

Now I've started writing  I feel that I have so much to say that this could be a very long blog post, so I think I might have to blog again tomorrow...anyhow...

A little while ago I signed up to Quirky Hannah's Mini Tote Swap. I was partnered with Claire who tweet's under the name of Claire E Poppin's over on Twitter. The idea was to find out your partner's likes and dislikes and send a mini tote to them, well Claire really spoilt me as she not only sent me a lovely biggish mini tote but I also received some gorgeous fabric, a pretty necklace and some very tasty Mr Broon's (which i initially thought were toffee but they turned out to be delicious fudge (nom! nom!)

a close up of the wonderful quilted panel

and the inside which is lined is a beautiful green and blue fabric.

Thanks Claire for being a brilliant swap partner I love my new bag and all my extra goodies too.
I completely forget to take a photo of the bag that I made for Claire so hopefully she will take a pic or two and I will be able to show you but I went with her love of all things Chihuahua!

I've decided to use this bag for my latest crochet project....

which take me nicely on to my next subject

Mum (I love the fact that that when she leaves comments on my blog is says Mum - i had to check first to make sure it wasn't my Mum!!!) over at Mum's Simply Living Blog mentioned at the end of November that she was going to be doing a crochet Christmas advent countdown, with the idea of crocheting Christmas trees (last year it was snowflakes) each day to make a lovely garland to hang up on Christmas eve. Now I always up for a challenge even if I am very busy but i thought it would be nice to crochet them in the evening in front of the TV. Well I have to confess that I haven't quite managed one a day, BUT i have managed ONE!!! (don't laugh I will try and catch up) I haven't even got a photo to show you yet but hopefully I will take a couple of pics tomorrow and show you if I have made any progress.
If you would like to join in then pop over to Mum's blog where there is a lovely pattern to follow, they are quick and easy to do, I just need to be a bit quicker!!!
Okay having said all that there is probably just enough time tonight to make another tree so I'm off to find something to watch on TV and to get busy with my hook.

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