Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The Big Comment Debate.....

I just wanted to say a BIG thank you to everyone that left a comment on my blog about "Comment Etiquette".

I really appreciated all your input and I've learnt a few new blog tricks along the way too....

  1. I didn't have my comments section set to receive emails when someone leaves a comment - now I do and it means that you can reply directly from your inbox to any comments left rather than going to the blog and clicking on the contact button. So much easier!!! How to : go to your DASHBOARD, click on SETTINGS, click on the COMMENTS tab, scroll right to the bottom and it says COMMENT NOTIFICATION EMAIL, just pop in the email address to which you'd like to receive your notification, and when someone now leaves a comment you get an email and to which you can reply direct.

  2. Comment Form Message - again in the comments tab, - I haven't written anything in mine still trying to think of something witty and original (could be waiting sometime) may have to resort to a bit of plagiarism from some of the more talented bloggers out there!!!.

Finally I've realised that there's no right or wrong way when it comes to blogging and you can be as involved with blogging as you want to be......now I must be off as I'm running behind already this week and have lots of replies/posts/crafty things/housework (perhaps not the housework!!) to do!!!!!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Replying to comments?????

I love blogging and really enjoy getting all your lovely comments after each post, and I was just wondering
"what's the etiquette when it comes to comments"?
Do you reply to all, just some, or never, or do you comment on your comments by leaving a comment yourself, which is very confusing in itself and will only be read if the commenter checks back on the comments. I sometimes start off a new post with a thank you for your comments but sometimes you just want to get straight to what your post is about...

So what do you do???

Please tell me.....

oh and how do you add a message to your comments page saying thanks for your comment?

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

New Chairs for my workroom....

I found these lovely shabby chic chairs on ebay that are just right for my workroom, i was was going to give them a spruce up but love them just the way they are and they're really comfy too! Just got to make some cushions for them now!!! ohh and find three more!!! and then i can invite you all over for tea, cake and crafting....

My workroom is getting tidier (it was rather messy!!)and I have even been able to work down there the last couple of days whilst Tompom has been asleep...
It will be lovely to do a post on sewing soon.....
watch this space.....
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Monday, 20 September 2010

Misi Monday

My Misi Monday theme this week is
R A I N B O W 's
Two weeks ago this beautiful rainbow appeared right over our house
I love the way it just seems to circle our home

There are some fabulous rainbow themed gifts over at Misi
and here are some of my favourites

These pretty "What makes a rainbow" earrings from


I just love this rainbow of glass from

"A heart that radiates the colours of the rainbow"
a stunning completed cross stitch picture from

6 beautiful rainbow flower polymer clay buttons from

A snuggly rainbow Pixie Hoodie for your little pixie from

Ragg Tagg

And finally this magical "Over the Rainbow" charm bracelet from

“Sometimes it's important to work for that pot of gold.

But other times it's essential to take time off

and to make sure that your most important decision in the day

simply consists of choosing which color to slide down on the rainbow.”

Douglas Pagels

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Saturday, 18 September 2010

The Power of Facebook

Tonight I decided to add some photos of some of my bags to my Mad About Bags Facebook page, and I had a lovely surprise when about an hour later I sold not one but TWO bags.

I wasn't sure about the power of Facebook for selling but am now converted and hope this leads to more sales and this might even motivate me to take some more photos and add more bags....

Thank you Facebook and thank you Claire who bought my bags. Check out Claire's Misi shop called SudnSoothe and also her own website where she sells all manner of lovely things including, soaps, stained glass lampshades and crochet cushions......
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Thursday, 16 September 2010

Proud Mum Moment...

Last night my wonderful daughter received her Jack Petchey Foundation Award Medallion for outstanding achievement. She was chosen out of 216 students from her year group for this award and received a cheque for £200 to go towards school projects of her choice. To say we were bursting with pride would be an understatement. Rachel gives 100% to everything that she does both inside and outside of school and it was lovely to see not only her but all of these students receive their awards for a variety of different achievements
The evening was a real celebration of achievement and the compere made it lots of fun. I spent the evening clapping and cheering and clapped hardest of all when Rachel went on stage, which is pretty hard I can tell you when you are trying to take her photograph at the same time.... So this is my proud Mum moment which I just couldn't resist sharing with you....Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Friendship Giveaway

There is a wonderful Friendship Giveaway over at a new blog that I have found its called the Garden Of Daisies, pop over and take a look.....

Monday, 13 September 2010


This week is National Cupcake Week so I thought it only fitting that I search the Misi website to find some delicious and mouthwatering cupcakes fancies....

unfortunately none of them are for eating but they are scrumptious all the same.....

1. Dolly and Cupcake Stall - Dainty Pastimes

2. Cupcake Door Plaque - Miazak Designs

3. Birthday Cupcake Card - Cards by Ems

4. Cupcake Accessories - Pearls & Whirls Jewellery

5. Vintage 1950's style Cupcake Apron - Stitches by Emmylou

6. Cherry Cupcake Drawing - Beth Hamilton

7. Cupcake Buttons - CraftyCats Crafty Store

8. Sweet Sock Cupcakes - Sweet Little Baby Cakes
9. Yummy Cupcake Cushion - Emma Eliabeth Textiles

now there is no way that you can enjoy National Cupcake Week without partaking in a cupcake or three....
so if your are local to Maldon in Essex then check out
Amanda's cakes are super scrummy and delivered with a smile!!!!

Hope you have all enjoyed my Misi Cupcake finds and if you would like to see more Misi Mondays goodies then click here.

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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Strawberry Swap

Way back when the sun was shining and the kids were still at school the lovely Pixiedust over at Faerie Nuff organized a super strawberry swap, my partner for this was Emma-Jayne (sorry when I tried to link to Emma-Jayne's blog it says it doesn't exist) and here are some pictures of the wonderful goodies I received. In the first package was a wonderful handmade and hand drawn card, some pretty fabric, 5 red buttons, strawberry red embroidery thread, and a sweet little strawberry cross stitch. In the next package were some strawberry socks and a strawberry face mask both of which ended up in my daughters hands as soon as she saw them....as well as pretty beaded necklace and a strawberries and cream bag charm. Everything was just, I was going to say peachy but as it's a strawberry themed swap I should say strawberrilous and I was want to say thank you to Emma-Jayne for being my swap partner and to Pixiedust for organizing the strawberry swap.

And now for the goodies that I sent, luckily for me I'd seen these strawberry shopping bags in a magazine and knew one of them would be ideal for the swap, they're fab as they scrunch up nice and small and look like a strawberry and can just hang from your bag or wrist. I ordered myself one too as they are so practical and pretty. There had also been some strawberry themed makes in a recent magazine so I made a strawberry pincushion and needle case and I also tried my hand a button making to and made 5 strawberry fabric covered buttons. They were a little fiddly at first but what really enjoyable to make so I might try some more. I knew from Emma-Jayne's blog that she is a keen cross stitcher so I added some brilliant white aida and some red, green and white embroidery threads tied together with an organza ribbon. I also knew that Emma-Jayne has a small son so not wanting him to feel left out when a package arrived I added some strawberry kids shampoo and a packet of strawberry yoghurt flakes which I have to say are delicious! I desperately wanted to find something that smelt of strawberries and after a long search managed to find this strawberry ice cream smoothie candle in a tin.
You know when you have an idea on how you want to present something well I knew that I wanted to make a basket to put all these strawberry themed goodies in and after searching on the net I found this gorgeous tutorial for a small patchwork basket, I had these pretty strawberry themed fabrics in my stash so I teamed them with some red gingham and green spotty cottons and hey presto this is the result. I think I need a little more practice using my overlocker for patchworking and I'm really looking forward to making some more of these. Finally I added a packet of strawberry Fruitella, (note to self: don't buy sweets for your swap too early on as you keep eating them and having to buy more!!! not good for the waistline or the purse.)
I couldn't find a strawberry themed card so this is my first attempt at applique card making I drew the design myself and am really pleased with the result I just hope that Emma-Jayne likes them as much as I enjoyed making them....
Posted by PicasaI haven't any swaps on the go at the moment so if there are any going on out there can you let me know thanks....

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Forgive me Blogland for I have sinned....

it's been 30 days since my last post.......

there has been no crafting but lots of fun and games with the kids during the school holidays.

Here's just a quick overview of what we've been up to

Days out
Days in
Days with friends
Days with family
Busy days
Lazy days
Pyjama days
Shopping days

we had a fabulous week in Wales and whilst the East of England had gales and rain, the Gower coastline was bathed in sunshine, not quite all week but more sunshine than rain. It was sooo cold when we came home I had to get my winter jumper on and woolly fluffy socks!!!We had an action packed week and after the first day the kids said it was the best holiday they'd ever had!!!
The horse-riding was amazing we rode up into the mountains down onto the beach and into the woods, my pony, Roger, was a lovely pony but a little on the plump side so need extra effect on my part to get him to trot, and by the end of the day my legs had turned to jelly and I thought that I might end up in a heap on the floor when I got off. Rachel and Jack loved this experience and we would all definitely go again. The picture with the sheep (bottom right hand corner) show the view from the mountain and is Three Cliffs the beach we rode on. My only disppointment was that I couldn't take photos and ride at the same time as the views were breathtaking and I would to wake up to them everyday!!!
We had days on the beach both at Oxwich and Cefn Seidan, where we played in the sand, buried the kids and swam.
Castles are a must if you visit Wales and we love Kidwelly Castle so went back for another visit.
The kids also went on the longest toboggan ride at Pembrey Country Park and next time I definitely having a go!!!
We also got the chance to sample some delicious ice-cream and Paul had the chance to remenise about his childhood days when we visited Contis in Lampeter, a real old fashioned ice-cream parlour and we think that it's the same man working there as used to serve Paul when he was a boy too!
For Jack I think one of the highlights was the rugby game on Friday night, although it wasn't his team, (he's a big Ospreys fan) the new Parc y Scarlets stadium impressive and the Scarlets won their friendly against Exeter, we had second seats and I had the chance to take some action shots, even Tompom did well and kept shouting out "TRY" all the time.
To say we were all shattered after our week away is an understatement and my mountain of washing was huge but you can't get better than when your kids tell you what a great time they've had and it's going to take some beating next year I can tell you.
Well it's back to school big time this week and I'm hoping to catch up on some jobs around the house, I also have lots of reading to do with all your lovely blogs and I promise not to leave it so long between blogs from now on...
Right I'm off to repent my blogging sins.............

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