Sunday, 31 October 2010

Halloween party food.......

On Friday we (well Jack and I went as Tompom was poorly and Rachel was at a sleepover) were invited to a Halloween Party and here is what we made to take with us!!!

Marzipan Pumpkins
Eyeball Cakes!!! with seriously gooey blood curdling icing!!!
Moon and Stars Cookies!!!

I also took my Halloween Feely Box
which contained
Witches Eyeballs and Sockets
Witches Hair, Cats Tail and Rats Tails
Stomach Contents
Witches Fingernails
Skin and Blood
Rats Brains...
needless to say its was scary and messy but lots of fun
 There was also apple bobbing, or Grim Reaper drowning in Jack's case as well as mummy wrapping..

which just leaves Trick or Treating and  Spooky walk in the woods for later!!!!

Happy Halloween..........................
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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Pumpkin Carving

In a bid to catch up on my Halloween blogging here are just a few pictures of our pumpkin carving afternoon earlier in the week......

Jack digging deep for flesh and seeds.....
Pumpkin Face......reminds me of the character Moonface in Enid Blyton's The Folk of the Faraway Tree...
Nearly there.......oh the concentration!!!!
finally all the flesh and seeds are out and who can resist a big squelch!!!!!

The pumpkins have been emptied of their gooey flesh and have now been carved and are waiting for the dark spooky night of Halloween to reveal themselves........
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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Misi Monday - Halloween Special!!!!

If your family is anything like mine then this week, because it's half term, is going to be dedicated to all things        SPOOKY!!!
I know officially it's not Hallos'eve until Sunday but there's lots of preparations going on...costumes to decide on, pumpkins to carve, treats to make and buy, games to play, interspersed with the odd haircut and trip to the dentist!!! well even ghosts and ghoulies need nice hair and teeth!!!
Onto the job in hand -  this weeks
 Misi Monday Halloween Special
here are just a few of the spectacular creations that can be found over a Misi this week and remember there's still time to buy all your Halloween goodies before the big night on Sunday.......

Trick or Treat - Photo Fairy Tales - £15.99
Glamorous Witches Boots - Patchwork Cottage Crafts - £18.00
Trick or Treat Shelf Block - Sparrow Primitives - £15.99

October Crochet Scarf - Dancing Degu 12 - £19.99
Pumpkin Pie Charm Necklace - Jelly Belly Jewellery - £5.00

Pumpkin Pie Party Pack - Signature Box £38.00

Halloween Spookaween - The Pink Sunflower - £3.00 each

Halloween Fimo Witch Bear - Little Ember - £7.99

Trick or Treat Parcels - Silly Old Bear - £1.00 each

Woooooo! - Thread Friends - £4.00

Halloween Toppers and Embellishments - Magic Making Hands - £3.50

Large Sparkly Country Pumpkin - Patchwork Cottage Crafts - £12.00

And finally you're all going to need a fancy new Trick or Treat Bag to put all your goodies in so I couldn't resist a little plug for my own bags, I have 5 different fabrics
  • Pumpkins
  • Purple Witches
  • Boo!
  • Orange Witch
  • Halloween Kids

Trick or Treat Bags - Mad About Bags - £6.50

Did you notice that I picked a spooky 13 items this week...........

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy your Halloween Celebrations whatever they may be!!!!

Saturday, 23 October 2010

What Have I Missed?????

Well lots, by the looks of it.....there's been blogs about baking and making, blogs about swaps and giveaways, blogs about families and friends, blogs to make you both laugh and cry!!!
It's been busy here too as we had a call from our builder Ben on Wednesday saying that he was free for the next two days and would we like him to come over and give our outhouse a makeover, this was a job that needed doing as you can see from the photo's it was a little neglected and I'm surprised one of us hasn't ended up buried under a pile of bricks, tiles and dust as the roof joists and door lintel were completely rotten. Well two days of bacon/sausage and egg sandwiches, numerous cups of tea, a lot of hard work from Ben and Lee and a lot of running around getting last minute supplies we now have a much perkier (aka safer) looking building it still needs a lick of paint both inside and out and unfortunately has had all the bags of logs and kids bikes etc shoved back in but at least its much prettier to look at now....
just imagine that's where you had to go to do your "business" and the little hatch at the bottom was for you to remove the bucket...thank god for flushable indoor loos!!!!!

And the works not stopping there we are just in the process of ordering one of these
to go here......

this is actually the side/back door but we all tend to use this one instead of the front front door (if you know what I mean!!!)
I have been crafting too a little this week but can't show you just yet as they are for swaps and birthdays, I've also become addicted to charity shops and returned home last week with lots of goodies so will blog about those soon too....

Right as it's half term this week and we are all in need of some serious R&R I might not be around as much and for those of you that are looking forward to this weeks half term - have a lovely relaxing time!!!!
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Monday, 11 October 2010

Misi Monday

Is it Monday again already...
right here goes, for this weeks theme I have chosen something very autumnal....

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Fabulous Foxes....

As most of you know my regular Monday Post is now Misi Monday where I showcase a few of the wonderful handcrafted goodies that are available from a wide variety of sellers over at Misi (Make It Sell It), well last week the theme was Chocolate and during my search I came upon this dashing fellow...

painted by the very talented Alison from East Witching.

Now I like to contact the sellers that I feature
1) to let them know their item has been featured and
2) to make sure they don't mind me using their photos and linking to their shop

I whisked an email off to Alison and imagine my surprise when she wrote back saying that she wanted to send me a little something as a way of a thank you for featuring her item.

Now there was a big part of me that wanted to say "Thank you but there's really no need" but there was a even BIGGER part of me that was saying "Thank you, YES PLEASE!!!"

On Saturday an envelope plopped onto the mat (sorry I made that bit up as we have a post box on the drive gates but it just made for much more interesting reading than I shuffled down to the gate in my slippers to get the post!!) and I found not one but TWO handsome fellows inside.
My photo sadly does not do these fabulous foxes justice but believe me when I say they are gorgeous!!

Here's a better photo of Mr Regal Fox
or King of Fox Hollow to give him his correct title.

Alison paints a whole host of animals so why don't you pop on over to her shop as these prints would make great Christmas presents or to find out more you can check out her blog here.

Thank you Alison I will treasure my fabulous foxes and will now be on the hunt for some frames and mounts befitting such handsome devils!!!!
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Friday, 8 October 2010

Charity Shop finds....

I spent the afternoon traipsing round our local charity shops and came upon these goodies
Mo Hayder's Pig Island, the last Mo Hayder book I read "The Treatment" was unputdownable and I'm hoping that this next one is just as good...
I haven't seen either of these films so can't wait to read these ....once I've read them I might watch the DVD's but then again I might not as it may spoil a good book...
Something crafty!!!!Lots of crochet hooks all for £1 and a sweet little hand embroidered hoop for 75p.
One of the charity shops was having a camera event and the table was full of vintage cameras and accessories so I just couldn't resist
these two lens holders
and these two vintage cameras both from the 1950's......all for £7 these are going to look great in my summer house when I eventually get round to painting it!!!

Ohh!! and if any of you are interested in photography I've got a new blog called
Depth of Field
showing some of my photo challenge photos and hopefully my progress as I get to grips with my digital SLR, so pop over and take a look!!!
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Monday, 4 October 2010

Misi Monday

I completely missed last weeks Misi Monday but I hope that this weeks theme will more than make up for it.....


It's been really wet and miserable here over the past few days and I thought what's the best way to cheer yourself up on days like this than chocolate, whether it's for eating, beautifying, admiring, wearing or sharing....
Just click on the name link for more details

Debra is fairly new to Misi and every time she lists it goes straight in my wish list!!!
She also comes from my hubby's home town too!

I can see these hanging on the tree at Christmas ready for that quiet moment snuggled under the blanket watching old movies!!!

I love the colours of these pot holders - warm and rich

This gorgeous hanging heart smells of lavender
(I was hoping for chocolate - best it is lavender though as I may want to eat it during one of my chocolate eating moments!!)

A fabulous, creamy moisturizing soap, enriched with lashings of cocoa butter and......
.I'll let you read the rest but it sounds divine

I just love this Chocolate Salesman Fox - I don't think I could resist his sales patter!!!

And finally, I have the most wonderful chocolates fabric in my my workshop, covered in scrumptious truffles, with either a gold or pink iridescent background, I've quite a few bags with this in the past unfortunately none of the photos do this fabric justice so if you would like a custom quote for a bag, cushion, notebook, cover or maybe even a quilt just let me know

I think I've probably put on $$ lbs just by looking at all these chocolate goodies......
right I'm off to do the ironing that will burn off a few calories!!!
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