Wednesday, 6 July 2011

..where we meet Peppa Pig

On Sunday we went to the pre-school summer fete, the weather was gorgeous and we even had the chance to meet Peppa Pig. 
One of the mum's at pre-school makes jewellery and asked me to take a couple of photo's she also organises a craft market at the Moot Hall in Maldon once a month so if you are in the area don't forget to pop in.
Here are some pictures of Bethan's (Beady Betty) jewellery.
I love the starfish plate that these starfish bracelets are on on.
Hanging beady hearts
Colourful children's bracelets
Beautiful button bracelets
There were lots of stalls but one of Tompom's faveourite was Hook-a-Duck where he spent quite a bit of time perfecting his hooking skills.
"I got one"
There was candy floss
The Peppa Pig colouring tent kept Tompom busy for ages allowing me to have a little wander.
This old vintage "chitty chitty bang bang" car had the most amazing detail I love the real wood and very shiny brass.
Jack took Hook-a-Duck a little too serious!!!!
The kids spent most of their time on the bouncy castle
We couldn't say no to one of these cakes on a stick
And finally Jack couldn't resist one last cuddle with Peppa Pig!!!!.

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