Friday, 13 January 2012

January Makes

Like many of you I signed up to the challenge of making a least one item a month over at Annie's blog - 
I wanted to use this challenge to make some things for our home as these often get put on the back burner in favour of making lovely things for other people...think typical builder, builds lovely homes for other people but can his wife get him to put up a curtain pole - can she heck!!!

So I have surprised myself this first month by not making one but two makes, alright they are identical but we can count them as two can't we??? 
And here they are -  my patchwork stripe bolster cushions for Rachel's bed.....

 because of the design of her bed there is always a gap when she puts the bed against the wall (she moves her furniture around quite a bit so sometimes there isn't a gap at all!!)
Clothes, books, pens, socks and much more have a tendency to fall down this gap and I have meaning to make these some bolster cushions for ages to stop this and to make the bed look more comfy. 
I used a combination of new and reclaimed fabrics so we have pieces from a charity shop skirt, a duvet, a pillowcase, and the one I love the most one of my Nan's vintage dresses.
I have to confess to finding it hard sometimes to put fabrics together like this and initially when they were cut and laid out I really wasn't sure but once I started sewing them together, I was delighted with the combination. I used my over locker for the seam as I love the neat finish it gives. 
Anyone else find sewing the pom pom trim on a bit of a nightmare, I tried to sandwich it in between the fabric so that the pom pom's were only showing but my sewing machine just didn't like it so I resorted to putting it on the outside. Any tips would be gratefully received for the next pom pom trim project...
I think I may have over stuffed the first one and might re stuff it at a later date, am I'm the only one that does just keep on stuffing, I do find it tricky to get that just plump feeling!!!
Both the cushions fit nicely along the back of the bed and even if  when Rachel decides it's time for a room shuffle then they can sit at either end of the bed too.
Rachel loves them and I think they do go rather nicely with the CK bedding....

So that's one item crossed of the Home Makes List, it's a new ironing board cover next...unless I get distracted by something else!!!

Lastly I just wanted to say another thank you Annie as the other day I received my bag handles through the post from her bag handles giveaway, I received some round handles and a funny postcard, not sure whether I am actually going to use them as bag handles yet so we shall see what my creative brain comes up with???


  1. Hi Tracy, I can't get the photos to display. They just show as small red crosses.


    1. thanks eileen, i can see them but its no good if anyone can't i will upload them again the old fashioned way instead of using picasa!!!

  2. I cant see them either Tracy, hope you can sort it xx

  3. I can see them and they are fab. Well done you. X

  4. yep, all showing now, lovely stuff xx

  5. I can see them now, thanks. They're brilliant, well done.

  6. They're great! Exactly the same happens on Sam's bed...I didn't dream there was a solution!!! Clever for coming up with a solution, and then making it!


  7. Thanks Ruth, boys ones now there's an idea!!!!


  9. They are beautiful, I love the choice of fabrics. I can't help with the Pom Pom trim, but as for stuffing I think over stuffing is always better than under. I always find that stuffing settles, or squashes down somehow. I'd leave it for a few months, and then it will be interesting to see if you remove stuffing from the fatter one, or add some to the one that was 'just right' when you made it :)
    But either way, your daughter must love them, I know mine would!

  10. I really love the fabric you have used, looks fab all together! I love the pom pom trim as it is - looks cute x

  11. They look great, lov ethe blue fabric with all the bright pinks it really sets it off!

  12. I love your bolster cushions - my daughter has the same problem with losing things down the side of her bed.(Sometimes for months!)


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