Monday, 25 March 2013

Subway Art

I've been busy tonight creating some Spring and Easter subway art. I blame Pinterest really, as I was inspired by some wonderful subway art pins that caught my eye but most were American and I had absolutely no idea what PEEPS were until I googled it. They seem to be coloured marshmallow rabbits and chicks. Not sure they are too good for your teeth though! 

So after much faffing and fannying about, all in the name of art of course, and bearing in mind the fact that I was going to go to bed at 9.30 here are my two creations!

One for Easter....with not a Peep in sight!

as you can see it will need trimming down to fit in a frame.

And the Spring one, I worked out how to get a white background for this one and I think I prefer it.
I made both of these over at Pic Monkey so if you have an evening to spare waste then pop over there and create your own!


  1. Very cool - new term to me! We were sent some peeps several years ago and not one of us liked them. Very very sweet like most stuff from USA.

  2. Oh I love them, well done.

  3. They are very attractive Tracy, well faffed
    Joy xx

  4. Dear Tracy
    Excellent use of an evening, I'd say! They are really lovely.
    Best wishes

  5. I love the spring one. Will look forward to your letter.

  6. I like the Spring one too. Such a brilliant idea and I'd like to do one too. I have Pic Monkey on my PC so may have a go. Well done.
    Patricia x


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