Monday, 18 November 2013

Buntings and Rockets

We had a very relaxing weekend, on Saturday the two bigger "boys" were watching Wales play Argentina at rugby, Rachel was kept busy with her revision so that left me and Tomas with a pyjama day of creating and crafting.

Tomas wanted to make some "buntings"
 (I love the fact he calls them buntings instead of bunting.)

So we set about discussing what our buntings would be. 
They were to be Christmas buntings so we made Father Christmas and his elves, reindeer, snowmen, Christmas trees, presents, stockings, cakes, holly and wreaths.

 I did the folding and the cutting and Tomas did a fantastic job of colouring in. 

Although you can see that the colouring in novelty wore off after a little while.

 With our buntings complete it was time to create a rocket spaceship.

The masking tape came in very handy holding all the tubes and bottles together.

Tomas was very pleased with the result,

but it needed pine cone bombs and flames.

Much better!!!
Hope you all had a fun filled weekend too, I even managed a trip to the fabric shop but will save that for another post.


  1. Excellent! love it that he calls it buntings. I wonder which fabric shop you went to? Not a lot of choice around here, I usualy end up in Franklins in Colcheser

    1. It's funny I've never been to franklins at Colchester, only the one in chelmsford. I went to And Sew On at the Blake Craft centre

  2. Love the spaceship ... very creative!

  3. Oh Tracy, he is growing up too quickly, enjoy him while you can x x x

  4. Great spaceship!! And the Christmas 'buntings' are fab! Fun weekend indeed! : )

  5. Oh I miss children's colouring in! Fab spaceship too. I'd never throw that bunting away! My gorgeous surprise package arrived today - love it all!! Thanks!

  6. Love the buntings. Remember those Saturday afternoon fun times with the children well.
    Patricia x


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