Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween

We've been enjoying the most glorious weather for October here in Essex today and apparently it has been the warmest Halloween on record. We didn't go Trick or Treating this year as Tomas went to Rachel's church Light Party, where he had a lot of fun bobbing for apples, playing games and collecting sweets! We did carve pumpkins though 

Tomas worked really hard scraping all the gloop and seeds out of his pumpkin.

I also had my own little pumpkin to empty 

It was soon time to get carving and Tomas did an amazing job of carving his pumpkin face

just look at the concentration on his face!

I couldn't resist this picture showing off that dimple!

We also decided to decorate a little corner of the orangery with some spooky halloween bits and pieces.

 I wanted to shout out "he's behind you!" to this little ghost. 

It all looked rather spooky in the dark

and as for our pumpkins, Tomas decided that his one was the best

because mine didn't have a nose!


  1. lovely fun, I think his was the best too! we don't have small people to be creative with now! so I just decorated the door, but we had a great day out looking a the costumes and make up of all the young shop staff in Brighton and their window displays.

  2. He did a really good job - I think his is the best too!!

  3. That lad has some talent! And I think your pumpkin is fab even without a nose!


  4. Great pumpkins. The spooky corner looks really good. x

  5. I loved his working shots! He did a good job! I also like his hair alongside the pumpkin! I remember helping with the light parties at my old church, ridiculously good fun!!

  6. It looks fab Tracy. Loving the little display and how cute is that boy, he is adorable x x x


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