Friday, 2 January 2015

Send A Little Swap 2015

Who's up for their first swap of 2015???
With my plan of more blogging and more swapping for 2015 and the fact that I am a little more organised this year and have already scheduled this post (woohoo, get me!) I thought I would run the Send A Little Love Swap again this year.
The idea of this swap is to send a minimum of 5 things to include
Something heart shaped or themed
Something deliciously edible
Something handmade
Something red

This swap is open to both UK and overseas bloggers and readers of my blog
(you just need to have an email contact)

If you would like to take part then please leave a comment on this post,
letting me know if you wish to post UK or worldwide
Sign up by the Friday 9th January 2014
Swap partners will be posted on my blog on Sunday 11th January 2014
Then it's up to you to make contact with your partner and get to know each other a little better, swap details and arrange a timescale.
Swap parcels need to arrive at their destination no later than Saturday 14th February 2015
I don't like the idea of rules for swaps so here are some handy guidelines ;-)
Swaps are supposed to be fun and a great way to use items/supplies you already have at home, 
Handmade is open to interpretation everyone's skills are different don't ever think that you can't because the chances are you can, as long as something has been made with love then I'm sure it will be appreciated by your partner
I don't like to put a price limit on swaps but with postage costs at an all time high we can all appreciate a bit of thrifty spending
Life sometimes has a habit of getting in the way of things, if for whatever reason (and you don't have to say why) you can't continue or need to delay sending out your swap then just let me or your swap partner know
So that's the boring bit out of the way if I have forgotten anything then please let me know and if you need any inspiration then there's always Pinterest!
As always I've been pinning like crazy, Valentines Ideas, I also have a secret swaps board so that I can keep some of my ideas hidden just in case my swap partner is peeping!

Please feel free to use the Send A Little Love Swap button to share the swap on your blogs  


  1. I'm in! A great thing to do over the summer around study.

  2. Count me in please - my buzzword for this year is Positivity, which means saying yes to (almost) everything. Happy to post worldwide.
    Joy x x

  3. What fun! I'm in. I'd rather post within Europe, if possible.

  4. I would love to join, I am in New Zealand

  5. I was so hoping you would organise this swap again - so please count me in! Happy to post wherever.


  6. Count me in please , happy to post wherever. Love this swap. Xxx

  7. Dear Tracy
    Count me in please! I'm happy to post worldwide too.
    Best wishes

  8. Would love to join in, thank you! xo

  9. I'd love to join in too, happy to post worldwide

  10. Hi Tracy. What a wonderful idea. Count me in - Europe only for me please. My bestie is emigrating to NZ in February so will have more than enough parcels to post internationally this year! Thanks also for popping over to mine and leaving your lovely comment. x

  11. Hi I would love to join in this exchange please can I post in the UK

  12. I haven't taken part in a swap for a long time, maybe this is the opportunity I need to get back into it. I would prefer local postage but if you need the numbers tweaked will do international. :)

  13. I am totally up for this! Happy to post wherever.
    *scurries to pinterest....

  14. I took part in a couple of Secret Santas that I enjoyed so much I started looking for regular swaps - I've found you! I'd love to join in, this time I'd prefer to post within the UK please.

  15. I would love to join in your swap. I live in Australia & am happy to post overseas anywhere.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Would love to give this a go. I'm in Australia & happy to post world wide. Thanks

  18. I would love to participate please! I'm in NZ, but happy to post worldwide.

  19. Never done this before, would love to take part. I'm in the U.K. & like to post in UK if possible. Pat (

  20. We'd love to do this again if that's ok. I'm happy to send anywhere. Thanks

  21. Yes please count me in, I'm happy to post anywhere.


I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on my blog and I will try to answer as many as I can. thanks Tracy

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