Friday, 13 February 2015

Hibernation Mode

I have been in serious hibernation mode recently, I really don't like these cold grey days so cosy socks and slippers, wearing a woolly scarf indoors, eating comfort food and drinking caramel lattes are mostly what has been happening here!

I haven't been completely idle, those of you that follow me on Facebook will know that I recently ran a charity auction on my page to raise money for three fabulous cancer charities, The Teenage Cancer Trust, Macmillan and Clic Sargent, following one of Jack's friends (Isaac) being diagnosed with leukaemia. 

I was overwhelmed with the generosity of my fellow crafters who donated their amazing makes for the auction, the album was full of wonderful goodies. It was a busy three hours, with bids being placed as soon as the auction was open and continuing throughout . It was also a nail-biting time for some bidders as the bidding continued right up until the very last second. 
We raised a staggering £400.50.

Isaac's family and friends also organised a coffee, cake and cocktails event and the total amount raised so far is just over £3,800. 

Cancer is such a bloody awful disease and these three charities work hard to support families going through treatment and beyond that I was glad to help in a small practical way.


  1. Have your friends heard of the Youth Cancer Trust, they provide respite holidays for young people with cancer. A week in Bournemouth with activities laid on, near the beach, access to a pool weather dependent. It's an amazing charity run by a truly amazing woman who lost her daughter to cancer many years ago. It really is worth looking into, I went when I was younger, you can take a sibling or a friend along with you so you are not alone and you meet other people in your situation. :)

    1. Thank you so much, I have passed on the details to Isaac's mum xx

    2. That's OK. I hope it helps them out. xx

  2. Well done on your auction. Think you deserve a rest. X

  3. It was an amazing auction! You did a wonderful job xxx

  4. good on you and well done. I'll swap you for the cold as summer continues and we must be close to having s drought declared like the South Island.

  5. Well done with the auction
    Julie xxxxx


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