Monday, 2 March 2015

Hello March and a February round up.......

Hello March!

Did anyone see where February went?

February half term seems a distant memory but here is a little snippet of what we got up to, it was lovely to get out in the garden even if it was only for a short time. It's amazing how much fun a few bed sheets and a table can be when you are six.

Spring is definitely on it's way but winter seems to be keeping a tight grip on the weather making for bright, sunny but extremely chilly days. 
The snowdrops are out but we are still waiting for the daffodils, a friend gave me this beautiful bunch which has really brightened our orangery. 

Happy Post has continued to drop through the letterbox, really it's left by the driveway gates but that just doesn't sound as nice - I miss the sound of letters dropping through the letter box.
Kimberley from Creative Chaos has replenished my New Zealand Earl Grey tea supplies, she also included this super soft cotton dishcloth, I'm building up a good supply of these now and they are just great around the house and wash up beautifully, once you get over the fact that they look too good to use.
The chocolate and liquorice didn't last long and I didn't share either!

Our penny challenge is going well, hubby is doing a sterling job of putting coins in the pot and I'm doing a grand job of ticking off the amounts on the sheet. We (I mean he) has been putting in extra so at the moment we are ahead of ourselves by a few days. I do think we will need a bigger jar before too long though.

And last but not least my self imposed fabric buying ban is also still going strong, I haven't even been that tempted either so lets hope that continues. I've been having a good tidy up in my workroom, a new regular "crafternoon" with some friends is helping me to keep it tidy and I have sorted quite a few of my fabrics which I hope to use in my upcoming projects. 
Well that was February, I'm looking forward to seeing what March brings as its a double birthday month (me and Tomas) and I am coming out of hibernation. 


  1. Sounds as though you are having some good times! xx

  2. take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves was my grandma's motto - isn't it great watching the pot grow full!

  3. Good to see you keeping up with the blogging Tracy :) I'm trying hard to keep it up too, although finding the time isn't always easy. We really must catch up soon, it's been way too long x x x x

  4. Lovely blog post, and glad the no buying fabric is working for you too
    Julie xxxxxxx

  5. It seems like the winter in Europe is very deep one week then leaps to Spring in the next week. Here it is gradually warming. I will enjoy the warmer days but am not a sun bunny, lol. Enjoy the time until you can get into your garden. I'm sure the children will enjoy planting a few seeds.


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