Sunday, 26 July 2015

Best Laid Plans.....

Well, my best laid plans for blogging more and getting into a routine went out the window shortly after I wrote my last blog post at the beginning of the month. A nasty chesty cough and the looming school holidays meant that by the time I was feeling better it was time for Tomas to break up from school which in turn meant no time to catch up on things so I thought I would start again!

Thank you for all your brilliant comments on your routines and what works best for you I will be trying to put so of these ideas into play over the coming months. 

We have been without any power for most of today and it is amazing how reliant we have all become on being plugged into some device or other, whether that is the TV or some other gadget. We have kept ourselves entertained with games of pool on the children's play table and playing card games. I managed to get a little painting finished too on the summerhouse but more about that in another post.

The power is now back on and the house is eerily quiet with Rachel and Jack in their rooms, Paul watching TV upstairs and Tomas who was watching TV in the living room now playing pool again, so I thought I would use this time wisely, i.e not waste it on Facebook or Pinterest!

I have lots of catch up posts to share with you so I'm going to try and schedule these over the next couple of weeks as well as posting about what we are up to during the holidays and what I am making or working on.

I have some blog reading to catch up on too so I think that is my evening sorted out.

Sorry for the lack of pretty pictures in my last few blog posts I'm hoping that the next few posts will be a bit more visually pleasing :-)


  1. I never plan to do anything because. planning anything never goes to plan! Well for me it doesn't!
    Julie xxxxxx

    1. Ha! ha! that did make me laugh Julie and I think you could be right!

      I didn’t plan to write any blog posts today but now I’m on a roll I’m just going with it,

      who knows what tomorrow plans will be!

      Tracy xx

  2. Welcome back anyway, and I look forward to reading your posts.

  3. looking forward to the catch up posts.

  4. Life likes to throw us some curve balls! I hope that you are much better now. xx

  5. I have found that life is what happens while you are busy making other plans so rather just live it and see how it goes. ;)


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