Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Goodbye Summer Hello Autumn

I hope you have all had a super summer break, ours has been filled with lazy days and family fun and has passed rather quicker than anticipated. I love this time of year and see it as a beginning rather than an end. With the school year just around the corner and new beginnings in mind I'm joining in with some fellow bloggers and making a list of some aims and goals that I would like to achieve during 2015/2016.

1. To improve and increase my photography. Several months ago I signed up for an online photography course, I downloaded the course work and never got around to starting it. So once the children are back in school I'm going to make a start on the first assessment. I also want to start taking my camera out more. I used to take it everywhere but that stopped so I would like to start again.

2. To eat more healthily by eating more fruit and less sugar and no more late night snacking! I am going to try some new recipes too as we seem to have got stuck in a menu routine that really needs changing.

3. To be more active, I'd love to try a yoga class, so whilst I'm looking for a class to try I will be trying out a few moves at home. Swimming is also on my list and I will need to tweak my morning routine if I'm going to fit this in.

4. To finish off my many unfinished projects - there are lots let me tell you! I've been really good and continued with my fabric buying ban so this will continue and I try to use my stash in any new projects.

5. Early nights - I'm a bit of a night owl and this tends to catch up with me eventually so I'm going to try to go to bed at a more reasonable time of 10-10.30 (oops it's gone passed 10.30 already but this is my second attempt at writing this post as the first one disappeared)
I need to make more use of Netflix and on demand TV rather than staying up late to watch TV.

6. Home improvements, we have been in our home for 12 years now. Initially we were never supposed to stay but we love our little home and although we have made some big improvements, most of which I've blogged about, there are some rooms that now need redecorating and some that need finishing off. I also need to add those finishing touches that never happened as were always thinking about moving.

7. To do lists and routine, I do love a list and tomorrow I shall be printing off a daily to do and routine list. When the older two children were small we had more routine but with Mr Mad About Bags now retired and at home full time and with the older two not needing so much of a routine I've let things slip and there always seems to be tomorrow. I'm definitely a procrastinator and am easily side tracked by Pinterest and Facebook so I need to be stricter about the time I spend on the computer and use my time wisely, especially in the evening.

I think that should do for now I'm sure there are more things I could add and maybe I will in the coming months but it's now way past my new bedtime so I shall bid you all a goodnight x

Pop over to Gem's blog to see her aims and goals too x

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  1. Which photography course are you doing? Good luck with your list - hope you get it all done.

  2. I just commented on someone else's blog that September feels like the chance for a new start in the year and it sounds as though you feel the same. I hope that you enjoy your new personal challenges and get a lot out of your new start for the year! xx

  3. I think we are very much alike!
    I'd love to do a photography course too, is there a link? The healthy eating for us starts at breakfast! We have a fruit at breakfast as well as cereal, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries (only when in season because we buy them from the farmers market) bananas, then its downhill from there! Proper lunch, anything from roast to salad to egg and chips, for tea we have cake or pudding in stead of having lunch and pudding, we have pudding for tea............ told it went downhill from breakfast, but we are strict with the fruit at breakfast! The exercise we work daily in the garden for half an hour unless the grass needs cutting then it takes a bit longer. We work together on the garden. I have a tidy and if I find an unfinished project I try and finish it....... that is if I like it, if not it goes in the charity shop bag. Don't mention home improvements, been a bone of contention for last three years...... I don't watch much television but do make use of the iplayer or record and watch what I want to watch another day.
    Julie xxxxx

  4. I'm trying to eat a bit more healthily with fruit at breakfast - the last of the melons & peaches, but soon I'll be on apple compote or frozen berries. If you want to look at my menu plans & recipes each week, I post them on my blog - they may gve you some ideas for food you haven't tried. We're having squash and coconut dhansak for dinner today!

    Good luck with your "Rentrée" resolutions. I look orward to seeing and reading about the results.

  5. Great list of goals. I really ought to take note of the going to bed earlier, I'm a nightmare for this. The past few weeks my bedtime has been around midnight, fine for a weekend but not so great when you have to be up for work the next day (there are just not enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do).
    You should check the local village hall for yoga classes. I went to my first class on Tuesday at our reception venue, I loved it, definitely going to make it a weekly thing.
    Love Gem x x x

  6. How's the photography course going? Many of the things on your list are similar to mine!! Not sure how many of them I am able to do, but I am going back to Yoga on Thursday!! Oh well, it is a start! : ) x


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