Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Dish Cloth Swap

Back in June I signed up for a dish cloth swap over on Kimberley's blog Creative Chaos.
I was partnered with Louana from NZ Green Buttons.
Here is what I received from Louana

A bright and colourful tea towel

A beautifully made dishcloth.

Some handy kitchen gadgets.

And here is what I sent to Louana, I added a few extras as I a little (a lot) late sending out my parcel.

I wanted to make a stripy dishcloth in bright colours and after getting into a bit of a tizz with my original dishcloth pattern, it just didn't seem to like my cotton yarn, I decided to use one of my favourite stitches to make this stripy dishcloth. Oops, it seems in my rush to send my parcel I didn't actually take a picture of my dishcloth but I used this pattern to make a bobble/popcorn stitch dishcloth. Hopefully loan too a photo and will post it on her blog. 

I also made some flower coasters,

using this pattern, in the same colours as the dishcloth. These were really easy to make up and I even managed to make some whilst watching Tomas' swimming lesson.

And finally I made use of some vintage patterns I had in my studio and used them to wrap all the gifts in my parcel.

Thank you to Louana for being a wonderfully patient swap partner and to Kimberley for organising another super dishcloth/mug rug swap.

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  1. oh I need the tea towel and more importantly those notecards! :) Gorgeous items sent by both! Love Louanna's dishcloth and your coasters too.


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