Sunday, 6 November 2016

Cracker Swap 2016 swap partners

Thank you to everyone that signed up for the cracker swap this year I'm looking forward to seeing all the wonderful things that you managed to fit into your tubes!

I've already posted the partners for those taking part on Instagram 
and here are the partners for those in Blogland.

Claire and Debbi

Ellie and Glenda

Montse and Melanie

Leah and  Lynn

Kim and Andrea

Kimberley and Suzanne

I'll be sending out email address for those who don't have blogs

For a reminder of what the swap is all about pop over to this blog post

Get in touch with each other, read each others blogs and any questions just ask. 

If you are on Instagram then you can use the hashtag crackerswap2016.

Happy Swapping

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