Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Can You lend me £59.....

A little while ago on Misi Jean from Talking Beads wrote a forum post with the title " Can you lend me £59..." . This was because Jean had her eye on one of Little Scruffs teddies and was wondering how she could save up the money for 'Alfie'. Well at the same time I had my eye on this fabulous scarf from Vikki0908. which got us wondering how we could help each other raise the cash for our much need purchases and we came up with the idea of linking items from our shops to encourage buyers to purchase more than one item but also making them aware of the wonderful goodies that Misi has to offer. So this blog is all about linking together different handmade goodies that would compliment each other either as a gift for yourself or maybe as a present for that someone special....

So firstly we have

Pink Fairy Charm from Talking Beads and a Pink Fairy Glitter Mini Tote from Madaboutbags

Then there are all these super chocolate truffle gifts - some calorie free and some not!!

We have Chocolate themed cards from Jaqueline

a Chocolate fabric mini tote from Madaboutbags

Cheeky Cherry Truffles from the Chocolate truffle Company

and a Chocolate truffle bracelet from Lej Jewellery

Hopefully that has whetted your appetite as to some of the fabulous offerings available on Misi it's certainly whetted my appetite and I'm off in search of a choclate bar or three!!!!


  1. Lovley blog post, but I really need some chocolate now! xx Oh Its Zoe from Knitz and bitz but on my hubbys account!

  2. Thank you for featuring my angel on your blog Tracy. You are a star. :)
    Just finished making one for a friend as a relative of hers has been diagnosed with breast cancer. I made it a pearl head as I read somewhere that pearls are for good health.
    Here's to good health and great sales!

  3. thanks ladies for your comments

    zoe are you incognito - does that mean you are eating the chocolate or hubby!!!

    jean the pearl angel you made for me was for a friends mum with cancer and she really appreciated it, they are lovely!!!

  4. some gorgeous items there & such a fab idea to link items, heres to many sales & you getting those things you just NEED to buy :)

  5. Take a look at my blog for an award and you have been tagged!

  6. Hello, I'm leaving you a comment to say how fabulous your blog is ! Really unusual and interesting posts and you have cool pictures too. Thanks so much for taking the time to share them.. best wishes...

  7. Hello, nice to meet you! You are very talented & have a great blog!


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