Sunday, 13 September 2009

What A Great Idea!!!

Whilst checking out what's been happening in Blogland I'm came across a brilliant idea from Sew Scrumptious. Louise's mum will be 70 this year and Louise has set herself the task of making, collecting, buying and possibly begging 70 presents. They don't have to be expensive just thoughtful!!! Louise is asking for ideas, links and a bit of encouragement to make her complete her task.....
I've already added a few ideas and now my brain can't seem to think about anything else, I should be in bed but as Tompom is feeling poorly I'm putting off hitting the sack as I can see me getting up alot tonight..poor little thing!!! Tompom that is, not me!!!
So if you have any bright ideas that will help Louise reach her goal pop over to her blog and leave a comment!!!
my ideas so far have been a photo of her mum through her life in a collage and a coin from 1939..

Right I'm definitely off to bed now see you all later x


  1. Nice expensive soap---cottonreel

  2. I wouldn't know where to start - you could really let your imagination run wild!! What a great idea though.

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog too xx

  3. Thanks so much for posting about my mad idea. You have really encouraged me to go for it and have had some brilliant ideas!! Thanks also re the pattern and fabric. Will email you my address. Better get sewing!!


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