Monday, 12 October 2009

Why is it......

that when you get a spare two hours and you think "right I'm off to my workroom to be creative and everything starts off well and then for what ever reason you just can't sew!!!!! Well that was my day today, Paul was busy outside, Tompom was asleep so off I popped down the garden to my workroom and I thought I'd make some more of the ID wallets, cutting out was fine but then when it came to sewing I was just getting frustrated, I wanted to use a bit firmer interfacing in the wallets as I don't want the ID CARD/bus pass to fall out of the top. I think I was trying too hard to get everything just right and the seams pulled when I turned the wallet right sides out. So its back to the lighter interfacing tomorrow. I don't know about you but sending off your handmade goodies in the post is so daunting, I'm always casting a critical eye over every little stitch and thread....when you sell at craft fairs the person who buys has touched your handmade goodies and can see how they are made and can make a decision, when someone online says "can you make me one of those" I'm always worried that they might not like it. Paul's always saying I'm too critical but I do like things to be right....well tomorrow's another day and perhaps it should be MUST NOT TRY TOO HARD rather then MUST TRY HARDER!!


  1. I am exactly the same! When I get any time to myself to sew and want to get stuff done it always go wrong and I end up making nothing! Also I've lost track of the number of times I've discarded something because of some imagined flaw. I had a look at some (really nice) stuff in a shop the other day and the finishing was not perfect at all so I dont know why I worry so much. Love your bus pass wallets by the way. Are they in your shop yet as I want to buy one!

  2. I was over at tracey-craftyscraps blog and noticed that you were one of her Followers. Mad about Bags - well I just had to pop in and visit you darling because I am mad about bags too. I follow another bag maker called Naoko and she too makes beautiful bags. You will find her in my darlingrosebuds link if you want to compare techniques and designs.

  3. Hi Louise, thanks for your comment its nice to know I'm not the only one. I'm working on the bus passes and luggage tags this week and am hoping to have them in my Misi shop soon

    Hi Annabel thanks for popping over to my blog and leaving your lovely comment I will definitely be having a look at Naoko's blog and yours too.


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