Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Calorie Free Chocolate, Unicorns and Builders!!!

It's been a busy week or so in our house, I managed to crack on and make two more bags...

The first one was a Calorie Free Chocolates fabric totefor a friend who works for Chocoholics and needed a bag to carry all her catalogues etc to her parties, I'm really pleased with the bag as this fabric is gorgeous to look at and to work with and I tried out a new bottom technique and now my bags have nice firm bottoms, perhaps I should try it out on mine!!!!(hot iron and vilene- hmm not sure it's going to work!!!)

The second bag is for a secret santa so I'm having to stay stumm for who it's for...this one's made from a lilac unicorn fabric with silver detailingand I've added a grosgrain ribbon key fob with a little silver hand made with love heart - I do hope that whoever this bag is for loves it!!!

Finally, we have the builders in, about 18 months ago we had plans passed for a conservatory and have put off starting work for a variety of reasons, but last Wednesday Paul decided that work should start and has since spent the past few days on the phone arranging builders, bricklayers and supplies, we now up to ground level and its all starting to take shape. The kids had a competition running when the cement arrived as to which builder barrowed the most cement into the footing - Builder Darren won - his prize? digging out the footing for the porch!!!!


  1. I made my Secret Santa yesterday and wrapped it all up. Can't wait to send it now! Yours is going to love a bag ;-)

  2. Hi! Congrats on your choc tote..it looks delicious and so yummy ;-)
    Thank you for your lovely comment about my owl!


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