Sunday, 10 January 2010

must pull finger out!!!

I really must pull my finger out and do something, this snow as beautiful as it is is really stopping my creative juices from flowing (I think they are frozen!!!). It's been too cold to venture down the garden to my workshop as although I do have heating it takes a little while to warm up and I always find it difficult to sew with frozen fingers...I've haven't stopped crafting completely as I grabbed my (big)box of cross stitch and have been cross stitching most evenings - I'd forgotten how enjoyable that is..

Well the snow seems to be thawing a little which hopefully means that the kids will be in school tomorrow and I might just pull on my thermals, whack the heating on high and see what happens (might have to have a little(big) tidy up first). If you fancy warming yourself by my fire feel free...

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