Friday, 1 January 2010

No more chocolate!!!!!

Happy New Year to you all!!!!
I don't know about you but I ate too much and did too little over the christmas break. My present for christmas was Wii Fit Plus and I was more than a little surprised by my BMI and weight when we all logged on on Christmas Day!!!
So I have joined the Misi Slimathon which will raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support and hopefully have lots of us feeling healthier and fitter over the next three months.
I have to weigh in every Saturday so will keep you all posted as to how I'm doing!!!
My aim is to have smaller portions, cut out sweets and chocolate, and my biggest downfall, snacking in the evening. So cutting out those and daily exercise on the Wii will hopefully mean that there will be less of me in three months.
I have counted the coppers in my jar and have £12 so I am aiming for at least that amount in lbs, hopefully a little more...
So here's wishing all the Misi Slimathon members good luck and good will power!


  1. Hello from a fellow Misi Slimathon Member. So far, so good. I am very keen at the moment as I need to lose a stone before I go to my grandaughters christening in Sydney. That is how much I have gained since they last saw me....Nov 08. Not good.

  2. I'm waiting for my Wii Fit Plus to be delivered. I'm planning on starting to jog with my dogs too - once I get rid of this chest infection!


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