Thursday, 5 August 2010

good deed gone bad!!!!

you know when you do something which should be simple and nice for someone but it all goes wrong well that happened to me today.....

last week i was reading the lovely Natasha's blog, a little madam salmi magick!, which was all about her forthcoming nuptials and was loving all her ideas about vintage crockery and bone handled cutlery, so much so that when i popped into the charity shop on Friday and saw some lovely bone handled knives hiding in a drawer, I just knew I had to get them and send them to her.
All sounds good so far!!!!
I emailed Natasha and asked for her details so that I could send them which she gives me and then this only leaves wrapping the knives, writing a card, popping them in an envelope and taking them to the post office, well this is the part where it all goes a bit wrong!!!

Monday - decided to have a mass tidy up, much to the kids disdain, so didn't get to the post office

Tuesday - had friends over all day so didn't get to the post office

Wednesday - ideal day to post as kids are at a sports thingy in the park, Tompom is at home with dad asleep, Tompom not dad!) Drop kids off at park with bikes, looking at bit overcast and had a little rain but the sports thingy was going ahead and we only needed to come back early if it really started raining heavy, so I popped back home did a few jobs, (alright sat on the computer looking at dream houses!!!) and as I looked out of the window it was getting greyer and greyer and starting to thunder and then suddenly the heavens opened and rain poured down, so i quickly grabbed the knives and the envelope (no they weren't in the envelope just with it!!) and ran to the car, the rain was so bad that i got soaked just opening the gates and getting in the car!
we live at the bottom of a long hill so I was hoping that I would have enough time to get up the hill before the storm and get the kids before they got soaked too!
The flash flood storm made driving awful so it was headlights and fast wipers all the way, my plan of getting up the hill before the storm didn't work either and the kids had taken refuge in the local sports centre, leaving me to grab the bikes and put them in the car, now the bikes only fit in the car one way, a lesson not to be learnt in the middle of a flash flood storm!!!! with the bikes now in the car and me so soaked i feel like I've had a bath with my clothes on i head off to pick up the kids. kids picked up, they're soaked too, we head to the post office/ shop for feel good chocolate and to post the knives, otherwise Natasha will be using them for her first wedding anniversary instead!
I walk dripping and bedraggled into the post office and go to put the knives in the envelope only to find the knives are too long and the envelope is too short!!! Bright idea time I know I'll buy the stamps today and them I can pop home put the knives in the right size envelope and drop them off tomorrow.
We go home get dried off I find a bigger envelope everything should be fine!!!

Today - meet friends at the lakes have a lovely day go the the library and then onto the post office to drop off the this is where is goes really wrong, in my securing off the envelope, they were knives after all i have put sellotape over the stamps, which I didn't think was a problem as you could still see the stamps and it would stop them from falling off. Apparently the post office don't like it if you do this and might, i say might as this is not definite, NOT frank the parcel, meaning that instead of the knives Natasha will get a card saying there is a parcel for you at the sorting office, she would then go to the sorting office have to pay for the postage again ( i know ridiculous!) and pay a £1 surcharge too! (even more ridiculous!!!)
Now I was in a dilemma, do I send the knives or do I go home and hide under my duvet and cry about the silly post office rules...
I decided to send the knives and wrote a very apologetic email to Natasha explaining what has happened and that I fully understand that if she does get a post office card instead of her bone handled knives she can tell the postie where to put the knives!!!! Alright I didn't actually say that just that I would understand if she didn't collect them!!!
So once again I really sorry Natasha, my intentions were good...

Now I feel terrible as my good deed has gone bad!!!
Anyone else do things like this.......

p.s sorry there's no pictures, blogger doesn't want me to add any tonight!!!!!


  1. Yep, I feel for you, sometimes everything just seems to work against you...

  2. look on the bright side, from now on things can only get better!
    joy xx

  3. I think you were so thoughtful to do all this.

  4. Aww but the postie might frank it and it might get through and all your worry will be in vain.
    Talking of good deads I really must get on with my PIF before I forget completely.

  5. Oh no poor you!!! I am sure she was very understanding!! Practically everyday there is always some dilemma in my household! You are very thoughtful to do such a kind thing!xxx

  6. eeek at least you tried your best and it was so sweet of you to do that!

  7. Oh I am certain she will be oh so happy to recieve her thoughful gift from you. That was really a nice thing for you to do!


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